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17th century

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 382 Collections and/or Records:


The Howard Gray Swann collection of Warton Family Papers

Papers of the Warton family, 1688-1864, including Thomas Warton (1688-1745), Joseph Warton (1722-1800), Thomas Warton (1728-1790).
Extents: 1.43 Linear metres (13 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1688-1864

Hussey Bequest

Sketches and notebooks of Richard Charles Hussey. The collection consists chiefly of finely executed architectural drawings and notes of buildings in England and France, with a few of Belgium and Germany; also of some transcripts of building accounts and fabric rolls, and over a hundred rubbings from brasses, with a few miscellaneous papers.
Extents: 41 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th-19th cent. (predominantly 19th cent.)

Interleaved copies of works by Apollonius Pergaeus with marginal notes by Edward Bernard

Interleaved copies of Apollonius Pergaeus, Conicorum libri quattuor (Bologna, 1566) and Conicorum libri V, VI et VII (Florence, 1661), with marginal notes in Latin and collations from Greek and Arabic versions by Edward Bernard, c. 1670.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: [c. 1670]

James Manuscripts

The collection consists of notes and extracts by James, mainly historical.
Extents: 46 shelfmarks
Dates: 15th-17th cent.

James Strangman Collection

Genealogical and heraldic collections of James Strangman, including extracts from the Close, Charter and Plea Rolls temp. King John, pedigrees of the ancient Earls and Barons of England, pedigrees from the 1563 visitation of Norfolk, an armorial of English families (indexed by St. George), and extracts of Philip Tylney, annotated and foliated by St. George. There are similar collections of Sir Henry St. George, 17th century, which include extracts from monastic cartularies and…
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 16th-17th cent.

John Aubrey's 'Monumenta Britannica'

'Monumenta Britannica' by John Aubrey, in four parts, chiefly written in about 1665-93, with notes added by John Evelyn and Dr Thomas Gale. These volumes contain a large amount of curious observations and original work, and are of considerable value from the numerous illustrations and the first-hand information relating to British antiquities.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1665-1693

John Gough Nichols Manuscripts

Topographical manuscripts collected by John Gough Nichols, chiefly connected with Richard Gough.
Extents: 45 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th-19th cent.

John Johnson Manuscripts

The John Johnson manuscripts consist of: Estate papers, domestic accounts and financial records, 1667-1902 Papers concerning the booktrade, 17th-20th cent. Miscellaneous, 16th-20th cent. Personal papers of Johson, including correspondence relating to the collection, 17th-20th cent.
Extents: 82 shelfmarks
Dates: 16th-20th cent.

John Walker Collection

John Walker's collection consists of papers on which he based his Attempt Account of the numbers and sufferings of the Clergy of the Church of England...who were sequester'd. harass'd. &c., in the late times of the Grand Rebellion, occasion'd by the ninth chapter...of Dr Calamy's Abridgment of the Life of Mr Baxter... (London, 1714). The papers include a large number of original communications from all parts of England, but especially Devonshire, as…
Extents: 27 shelfmarks
Dates: 1646-1715

Jones Manuscripts

Manuscripts collected by Jones, including various chronicles and documents relating to British history. The manuscripts are mainly in Latin with some English, Greek and Scots.
Extents: 61 shelfmarks
Dates: 12th-17th cent.

Journals of Richard Chiswell the Younger and Trench Chiswell

Journals of Richard Chiswell the Younger (1673-1751) Turkey merchant and traveller and the journals of his grandson, Trench Chiswell (1735?-1797) merchant and antiquary, 1696-1796.
Extents: 1.1 Linear metres (11 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1696-1796

Junius Manuscripts

Manuscripts of Francis Junius, including Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and philological collections. The manuscripts include Latin, Middle English, Old English, English, Old High German, Gothic, Icelandic, French, Old Dutch, Frisian, Old German, Middle High German, Old Low German, and Old Frisian.
Extents: 118 shelfmarks
Dates: 8th-17th cent.

Kidlington Deeds

11 deeds of a cottage in Mill Street, Kidlington, Oxfordshire.
Extents: 11 shelfmarks
Dates: 1682-1794

Langbaine Manuscripts

Langbaine's manuscripts, including material relating to Greek manuscripts, the Bodleian Library and Oxford colleges.
Extents: 21 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th cent.

Laudian Collection

Manuscripts collected by William Laud, consisting of Greek, Latin and miscellaneous manuscripts. The collection includes sermons; manuscripts relating to the Bible, theology, Saint Anselm, and Saint Augustine; and four volumes relating to Ireland and Irish affairs collected out of Sir Robert Cotton's library and elsewhere, by Sir George Carew, afterwards Earl of Totnes, and President of the Province of Munster, 17th century.
Extents: 972 shelfmarks
Dates: 7th-17th century

Legal Notebooks of Sir Thomas Robinson

Legal notebooks of Sir Thomas Robinson, with two precedent books in another hand.
Extents: 8 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th cent.

Letters Collected by William Upcott

Letters of antiquaries, topographical writers and heralds, collected by William Upcott and arranged alphabetically in four volumes, A-C, D-K, L-P, R-Y, in 1835. Many of the letters are addressed to publishers and booksellers. The collection includes 70 engraved portraits and many printed proposals to publish antiquarian and topographical works.
Extents: 4 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th-19th century

Letters of Humfrey Wanley

Typescript copies of some 200 letters of Humfrey Wanley (1672-1726), edited and annotated by P. L. Heyworth, but excluded from Heyworth's edition of Letters of Humfrey Wanley 1672-1726 (Oxford, 1989).
Extents: 0.6 Linear metres (4 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1695-1725

Letters to and from Ralph Palmer and his Son

Letters to and from Ralph Palmer and his son of the same name, collected by the latter.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks : The binding (kept separately as MS. Eng. lett. d. 409) is mid 18th century red morocco, gilt dentelle including birds and insects, with a gilt spine lettered 'Original Letters vol: II'.
Dates: 17th-mid 18th cent.

Letters to Sir Robert Southwell from Philip Madoxe

Letters to Robert Southwell from Philip Madoxe.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1683-1690