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14th century

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Abstract of the 14th-century cartulary of Newstead priory

Mid-19th-century abstract of the 14th-century cartulary of Newstead priory.
Shelfmark: MS. Top. Notts. c. 1
Extents: 132 Leaves
Dates: mid-19th-century

Archive of Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London, and his descendants

Papers of Edmund Gibson (1669-1748), Bishop of London, with papers of his descendants, 1388-1797.
Extents: 7.45 Linear metres (23 Shelfmarks)
Dates: 1388-1797

Archive of Robert Finch

Archive of Robert Finch (1783-1830).
Extents: 5.95 Linear metres (81 boxes)
Dates: 12th-19th century

Archive of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson

Papers of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson (1797-1875), Egyptologist, [9th cent.]-1921
Extents: 37.73 Linear metres (343 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 9th cent.-1921, n.d.

Archive of the Bertie family, Earls of Abingdon

Archive relating to the Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire estates of the Bertie family, Earls of Abingdon, from the 14th to the 20th century.
Extents: 43.45 Linear metres (337 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 14th-20th century

Archive of the North Family

Archive of the North Family, Barons North and Earls of Guilford, 13th-20th century.
Extents: 26.01 Linear metres (309 boxess)
Dates: 13th-20th century

Archive of the Talbot family, Barons Talbot de Malahide

Papers of Richard Wogan Talbot, 2nd Baron Talbot of Malahide (Irish Peerage), James, 3rd Baron, James, 4th Baron and 1st Baron de Malahide (United Kingdom Peerage), and Richard Wogan, 5th Baron Talbot of Malahide, with family and estate papers, 13th-20th cent.
Extents: 39.6 Linear metres (350 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 13th-20th cent.

Ashmole Manuscripts

Among Ashmole's papers are: Papers of Dr Simon Forman (1552-1611) Medical and astrological papers of Dr Richard Napier (1559-1634), Theodoricus Gravius and John Dee (1527-1608) Collections - chiefly astrological - of John Booker (1603-1667) and William Lilly (1602-1681) Ashmole's collection is also strong in heraldry and local…
Extents: 714 shelfmarks
Dates: 11th-17th century

Badger Deeds

Thirty one charters, and one roll, relating to property in Shropshire and Herefordshire.
Extents: 32 shelfmarks
Dates: 12th cent.-1662

Barlow Manuscripts

Thomas Barlow's manuscripts collection.
Extents: 6.05 Linear metres (55 boxes)
Dates: 10th-17th century

Bernard Collection

Bernard Collection
Extents: 18.04 Linear metres (164 boxes (need missing Or sm's)))
Dates: 10th-17th century

Bodleian Series of Miscellaneous Facsimiles

'Bodleian Series of Miscellaneous Facsimiles'.
Extents: 1.76 Linear metres (16 boxes)
Dates: 20th cent.

Bowyer Manuscripts

Manuscripts of Sir George Bowyer relating to the statutes of Italian cities.
Extents: 6 boxes (0.66 Linear metres)
Dates: 14th-19th cent.

Brass Rubbings of Two Brasses in St. Andrew, Chinnor, Oxfordshire

Brass rubbings of two brasses in St. Andrew, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, made by members of the Oxford University Archaeological Society: Floriated cross with head of priest in centre, c. 1320. Rubbing is made by members of Oxford University Archaeological Society. Published in Oxford Portfolio of Monumental Brasses, series II, Part I, Plate II. Rubbing by Miss Nancy…
Extents: 0.30 Linear metres
Dates: [20th cent.?] (rubbings of 14th cent. brasses)

Brewster Manuscripts

Miscellaneous manuscripts collected by William Brewster, 11th-17th century.
Extents: 0.66 Linear metres (6 boxes)
Dates: 11th-17th century

Brocas Family Deeds

Brocas family deeds, principally concerning property in Berkshire and Hampshire but also relating to property in Buckinghamshire, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Suffolk, Wiltshire and Yorkshire. Members of the family mentioned in the deeds include Bernard Brocas (d. 1400), Johanna Brocas (d 1429), Prudence Brocas (1617-61, her will), William Brocas (d. 1456), and Sir James Whalley S. Gardiner (1788-1851).
Extents: 0.98 Linear metres (14 boxes)
Dates: [c. 1362-1807]

Canonici Manuscripts

Manuscripts of Matteo Luigi Canonici, Jesuit.
Extents: 146.08 Linear metres (1328 boxes)
Dates: 8th-18th century

Cartulary of Cirencester Abbey

Cartulary of Cirencester Abbey
Extents: 0.30 Linear metres (2 boxes)
Dates: 13th-14th centuries
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Collection made by Thomas Hearne of documents mainly relating to the diocese and dean and chapter of Hereford

Collection made by Thomas Hearne of documents mainly relating to the diocese and dean and chapter of Hereford.
Shelfmark: MS. Rawl. Q. a. 1
Extents: 72 Leaves
Dates: 12th-17th century
Single Item

Collection of deeds

Collection of deeds, 13th-16th century.
Shelfmark: MS. Top. gen. c. 39
Extents: 37 Leaves
Dates: 13th-16th century