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16th century

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 446 Collections and/or Records:


Loveday Family Papers

Deeds and other papers concerning the property of the Loveday family, including property in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, London, Rutland, Derbyshire, Surrey, and Northamptonshire. The collection includes a pedigree of the Loveday family (MS. Top. Oxon. c. 597/12, fol. 7v).
Extents: 427 shelfmarks
Dates: 1482-1914
Single Item

Magical treatises

Magical treatises
Shelfmark: MS. e Mus. 238
Extents: 71 Leaves
Dates: Written in the 2nd half of the 16th century in two hands

Manorial Records of Great Cressingham

Manorial records of Great Cressingham, consisting of: Court rolls, 1327-8, 1329, 1489, 1584 Account of customary payments, 1414
Extents: 5 shelfmarks
Dates: 14th-16th cent.
Single Item

Manual on ecclesiastical courts by Francis Clerke

Manual on ecclesiastical courts by Francis Clerke, with preface dated 1596
Shelfmark: MS. Lat. misc. c. 54
Extents: 188 Leaves
Dates: 1596
Single Item

Manuel Philes, De animalium proprietate: written by Angelus Vergecius at Paris

Manuel Philes, De animalium proprietate: written by Angelus Vergecius at Paris
Shelfmark: MS. Auct. F. 4. 15
Extents: 63 Leaves
Dates: Written by Angelus Vergecius at Paris in 1564
Single Item

Manuscript of The English voyages of the sixteenth century by Sir Walter Raleigh, 1904

Manuscript of The English voyages of the sixteenth century by Sir Walter Raleigh, 1904.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. hist. d. 221
Extents: 290 Leaves
Dates: 1904

Manuscripts and Papers of Ingram Bywater

This collection consists of manuscripts collected by Bywater, working papers on classical subjects, and correspondence mainly with classical scholars.
Extents: 53 shelfmarks
Dates: 16th cent.-1914

Manuscripts collected by John Sparrow, 15th - 20th cent.

Collection of sixty manuscripts collected by John Sparrow. Includes literary manuscripts, correspondence and personal papers.
Extents: 1.3 Linear metres (13 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 15th-20th cent.

Manuscripts of Jacques Philippe D'Orville

Manuscripts of Jacques Philippe D'Orville. His chief collections were made with a view to editing Theocritus and the Greek Anthology. The bulk of the manuscripts are not ancient, and largely consist of collations in printed books, and transcripts and notes, with many papers of Scipio and Alberico Gentili, and much of D'Orville's own correspondence.
Extents: 618 shelfmarks
Dates: 9th-18th cent.

Manuscripts of James P.R. Lyell

Manuscripts, mainly medieval, collected by Lyell, arranged in the following categories: British Isles France Germany and Austria Italy Netherlands Portugal Spain Greek Hebrew Arabic Lyell empt.
Extents: 169 shelfmarks
Dates: 11th-20th cent.

Manuscripts of John Selden

Manuscripts collected by Selden, including some mathematical, astronomical and astrological manuscripts. The majority of the manuscripts are in a variety of languages, mainly Latin, but also including English, Greek, Italian, French, Russian, German, Slavonic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Irish. The collection also includes many oriental manuscripts. MS. Arch. Seld. B. 62B, dating to the 18th century, was not part of Selden's original collection.
Extents: 364 shelfmarks
Dates: 8th-18th cent.

Marshall Manuscripts

Marshall's manuscripts. The manuscripts are miscellaneous in subject matter and include Latin, English, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Anglo-Norman, Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Coptic and Icelandic. The collection also includes some Oriental manuscripts.
Extents: 58 shelfmarks
Dates: 9th-17th cent.

Massey Manuscripts

Miscellaneous manuscripts collected by Massey, mainly historical (17th century) and literary (15th-17th century). Includes: (MS. Bodl. 175) Transcript of 24 Chester Mystery plays written in 1604. The last performance of the plays is believed to have been in 1575. (MSS. Bodl. 322-329) The original register of the proceedings of the Committee for Plundered Ministers. Seven volumes are arranged by…
Extents: 16 shelfmarks
Dates: 15th-17th cent.
Single Item

'Materia de Sacramentis exposita a patre [Antonio] Carvalho Eboræ 20 Junij 1578' and 'De Sacramento Ordinis, autore d. Petro Ludouico Eboræ'

'Materia de Sacramentis exposita a patre [Antonio] Carvalho Eboræ 20 Junij 1578' and 'De Sacramento Ordinis, autore d. Petro Ludouico Eboræ'
Shelfmark: MS. Bodl. 560
Extents: 535 Leaves
Dates: Written in A.D. 1578 at Evora in Portugal
Single Item

Maximus Planudes, Dialogus de arte grammatica

Maximus Planudes, Dialogus de arte grammatica
Shelfmark: MS. Auct. F. 4. 12
Extents: 172 Leaves
Dates: 16th century, middle
Single Item

Medical pieces

Medical pieces
Shelfmark: MS. e Mus. 52
Extents: 80 Leaves
Dates: Written early in the 16th century

Meerman Manuscripts

Manuscripts of Jan Meerman, consisting of Greek and Latin manuscripts.
Extents: 59 shelfmarks
Dates: 11th-17th cent.

Mendham Manuscripts

The Mendham collection is almost entirely connected with the Council of Trent (the main object of which was the definitive determination of the doctrines of the Catholic Church in answer to the heresies of the Protestants) and includes letters and diaries.
Extents: 37 shelfmarks
Dates: 15th-17th cent.

Microfilms of the Borough Records of Woodstock in Oxfordshire

Woodstock borough records, 1588-1650 comprising: acts of Portmouth Court, 1588-1621, with gaps chamberlains' accounts, 1608-50.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1588-1650
Single Item

Miscellaneous bonds

Miscellaneous bonds, 16th-18th century.
Shelfmark: MS. Top. gen. c. 84
Extents: 53 items
Dates: 16th-18th century