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Colonial administrators

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:


Additional papers of Sir Cecil Clementi

Official and personal papers of Sir Cecil Clementi (1875-1947), colonial governor, with papers of his wife, Lady Penelope Clementi (1889–1970) and other family members.
Extents: 17.0 Linear metres (107 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1871-2013

Archive of Hugh Mackintosh Foot, Baron Caradon

Papers of Hugh Mackintosh Foot, Baron Caradon, as Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Cyprus (1957-60)
Extents: 5.6 Linear metres (48 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1957-60

Archive of Margaret Reardon

Papers, 1940-2015, of Margaret Reardon (b. 1920), relating to life as a colonial wife in Eritrea, Tanganyika, Bechuanaland, the Gilbert and Ellice Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands.
Extents: 0.6 Linear metres (6 physical shelfmarks; 5 digital shelfmarks)
Dates: 1940-2015

Archive of Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams and Elizabeth Main

Papers of colonial governor Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams (1858-1920) and of his daughter, Elizabeth Main (1918-2010).
Extents: 1.05 Linear metres (7 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1880-2001
Single Item

Commission of Enquiry Report, with observations by Frederick Dealtry Lugard, Baron Lugard of Abinger

"Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the disturbances in Abeokuta province" (1918), with observations by Lord Lugard on various questions raised (1919). Typescript.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1481
Extents: 53 ff.
Dates: 1918-1919
Single Item

Correspondence of Charles Grant and Edward Parry with R. S. Dundas

Correspondence of Charles Grant and Edward Parry with R. S. Dundas, 1807-1808.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. hist. c. 210
Extents: 27 Leaves
Dates: 1807-1808
Single Item

Illuminated Address to Frederick Dealtry Lugard, Baron Lugard of Abinger

Illuminated Address from Birmingham dignitaries to Captain F.J.D. Lugard, late officiating Resident in Uganda, on his return from representing the British East Africa Company there. Dated 2 December 1892. A typescript transcript of the Address is also included.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1732
Extents: 1 volume
Dates: 1892
Single Item

Letters from Rowland and Clare Daniel (photocopies)

Letters from Rowland Daniel, to his mother and sisters, written on voyage to Cape Town, Africa, and on arrival in Mafeking to join the Bechuanaland Police Mounted Regiment (1898). Also, letters from Rowland Daniel (and some from his wife Clare) as Resident Magistrate in Serowe and Assistant Commissioner in Francistown (1906). Photocopies.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.2015
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1898, 1906
Single Item

Letters home, in form of a travel journal, from Sir William Cecil Bottomley

Letters home, in the form of a travel journal, describing a journey to East Africa, up the Nile and through the Sudan to Khartoum. 1926-1927.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1806
Extents: 69 ff.
Dates: 1926-1927
Single Item

Notes by Sir Robert Ker Porter

Notes by Sir Robert Ker Porter, c. 1820-1824.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. hist. c. 409
Extents: 36 Leaves
Dates: c.1820-1824

Papers of Alexander Mair Wilkie

Correspondence, memoranda etc. of service in Kenya, the British Solomon Islands and as British Resident Commissioner in the New Hebrides.
Extents: 4 boxes
Dates: 1935-1969

Papers of Algar R.W. Robertson

Correspondence, tour diaries etc. relating to service in the Gold Cost, British Guiana, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria.
Extents: 14 volumes and files (5 boxes)
Dates: 1929-1956

Papers of Clarence E.V. Buxton

Papers, reports and correspondence relating to Kenya, 1921-1964, Zanzibar, 1913-1965, and Palestine, 1939.
Extents: 8 boxes
Dates: 1913-1965
Single Item

Papers of Frederick Dealtry Lugard, Baron Lugard of Abinger, relating to Bechuanaland (photocopies)

Letters, reports etc. from Bechuanaland, concerning Lugard's expedition for the British West Charterland Company. Includes extracts from, and precis of, Lugard's journal on the expedition to Ngamiland, 1896-1899. Photocopies.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.2068
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1896-1901

Papers of John William H. O'Regan

First file contains letters from O'Regan to his mother and brother, rough diaries and papers relating to O'Regan's own career. Second file includes correspondence with Sir Andrew Caldecott and Ian Wallace and relates to the Colonial Service in general, especially in territories on the verge of self-government - Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Jamaica and Nigeria.
Extents: 2 files (2 boxes)
Dates: 1935-1962

Papers of Percy Coriat

The collection contains: Diaries, letters from Coriat to his wife, memoranda, reports, etc., relating to his service in the Sudan (as District Commissioner), Libya and Oman, 1920-1960. With "Soldier in Oman" by Coriat, ca.1959, reminiscences by Mrs. Coriat, and notes by E. F. Aglen on the folklore, customs and history of Kordofan, Sudan, 1935 (reference: MSS.Afr.s.1684). 3 associated cinefilm…
Extents: 3 boxes; 3 reels
Dates: 1920-1960

Papers of Sir Cecil Clementi

Papers of Sir Cecil Clementi (1875-1947), colonial governor, mainly relating to his work in Hong Kong and Malaya.
Extents: 8.3 Linear metres (55 boxes)
Dates: 1873-1963

Papers of Sir Charles Campbell Woolley

Papers relating to Woolley's service in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Jamaica, Cyprus and British Guiana (now Guyana). Included are: Papers concerning the visit by the Duke of Gloucester to Ceylon in 1934 and an earlier visit by the Duke and other officials Cuttings from West Indian newspapers, including accounts of the "New Deal" for Jamaica introduced by Woolley (a land settlement scheme, involving…
Extents: 5 boxes
Dates: 1922-1962

Papers of Sir Geoffrey Evans

Diaries covering Evans' agricultural service in India, Australia, Trinidad, Fiji and New Guinea, 1906, 1909-1963 (56 volumes). Letters to Lady Evans, 1918-1919, 1939, 1947, and reports, broadcast scripts and articles, 1930-1955.
Extents: 56 volumes, 1 box
Dates: 1906-1955

Papers of Sir Godfrey Yeatman Lagden

Diaries; notebooks; a letter-book containing Lagden's private letters to J.A. Spender; biographical material; correspondence; printed material (including obituary notices and tributes); papers relating to Lagden's awards, commissions and record of service; and papers relating to Lagden's book The Basutos (1909) and other publications. Also, papers (correspondence, reports, despatches and notes) relating to the South African War, Basutoland, and South African…
Extents: 67 volumes, 6 boxes
Dates: 1877-1934