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English literature -- 20th century

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 76 Collections and/or Records:


Archive of Bruce Montgomery 'Edmund Crispin'

Archive of Bruce Montgomery, (1921-1978), detective novelist writing under the pseudonym of Edmund Crispin, and composer in his own name.
Extents: 28.5 Linear metres (187 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1921-78

Archive of (Charles) Bruce Chatwin

Papers of (Charles) Bruce Chatwin (1940-1989), writer.
Extents: 18.92 Linear metres (175 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1963-1989

Archive of Gillian and John Sutro

Papers of Gillian and John Sutro, 20th cent.
Extents: 22.77 Linear metres (207 Shelfmarks)
Dates: 1893-1999, n.d.

Archive of the Benson Family

Papers of Arthur Christopher Benson, writer (1862-1925), Edward Frederic Benson, writer (1867-1940), Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury (1829-1896), Robert Hugh Benson, Roman Catholic Writer and Apologist (1871-1914), Margaret Benson, Egyptologist and religious philosopher (1865-1916).
Extents: 33.99 Linear metres (309 Shelfmarks)
Dates: 18th-20th century

Archive of the Tilling Society (E.F. Benson and the Benson Family)

Papers of the Tilling Society (1982-2006), a group set up to celebrate the life and works of the author Edward Frederic Benson (1867-1940).
Extents: 4.0 Linear metres (24 physical shelfmarks; 5 digital shelfmarks)
Dates: c.1800-2009

Evan Jones Archive

Papers of the writer Evan Jones.
Extents: 8.5 Linear metres (43 shelfmarks)
Dates: 1949-2011, n.d.

Four albums compiled by Brian Aldiss

Four volumes of photograph album scrapbooks compiled by Brian Aldiss, containing original artwork for the covers of many of his books, with extensive authorial comments inserted throughout.
Extents: 0.44 Linear metres (4 shelfmarks)
Dates: n.d.

Letters and papers of Charles Williams

Correspondence of Charles Williams, author (1886-1945), with Phyllis M. Potter, and other literary papers.
Extents: 0.3 Linear metres (2 boxes)
Dates: 1936-1951

Letters from Kingsley Amis to Philip Larkin

Letters from Kingsley Amis to Philip Larkin, including many cartoon sketches (especially those dating between 1946-1951), and some poems.
Extents: 1.1 Linear metres (11 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1944-1985

Letters from Walter de la Mare to Richard de la Mare

Letters from Walter de la Mare to Richard de la Mare, 1925-1956.
Extents: 0.44 Linear metres (4 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1925-1956

Letters of Iris Murdoch to David Hicks

Letters of Iris Murdoch to David Hicks
Extents: 0.33 Linear metres (3 shelfmarks)
Dates: 1938-1991, n.d.

Literary Manuscripts of E.F. Benson

Literary Manuscripts of E.F. Benson, 1903-1937.
Extents: 0.66 Linear metres (6 shelfmarks)
Dates: 1903-1937

Literary papers of Charles Williams

Literary papers and correspondence by and relating to Charles Williams, author (1886-1945).
Extents: 1.05 Linear metres (8 boxes)
Dates: c.1908-1957

Manuscripts and papers of Charles Williams

Manuscript and typescript copies of poetry, plays, and lectures by Charles Williams, author (1886-1945), and reviews of his work.
Extents: 0.9 Linear metres (6 boxes)
Dates: 1920-1960

Natasha Spender papers

Correspondence and papers of Natasha Spender, concert pianist, academic, writer, and wife of the British poet Stephen Spender.
Extents: 27.0 Linear metres (180 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: c. 1800-2011, n.d.

Papers of Alfred Edgar Coppard

Papers of Alfred Edgar Coppard, 1900-1957, n.d.
Extents: 0.22 Linear metres (2 shelfmarks)
Dates: 1900-1957, n.d.

Papers of (Arthur) St. John Adcock

Papers of (Arthur) St. John Adcock, including: Correspondence, 1885-1930 Manuscript and typescript, verse, plays, short stories, essays, articles and reviews, and lectures, 1882-1930 Notebooks containing cuttings, from newspapers and periodicals, of verse, short stories and articles, 1882-1910 Journal, January 1885-June 1886, consisting mainly of notes on books…
Extents: 91 shelfmarks
Dates: 19th-20th cent.

Papers of Clara Sophie Deneke

Papers of Clara Sophie Deneke and her daughter Margaret, including: Literary papers of Clara Sophie Deneke, ca. 1900-1920 Correspondence of Clara Sophie and Margaret Deneke, and various other members of the Deneke family, 1902-1966 Correspondence and papers relating to the Oxford Ladies Musical Society, 1952-1961 Diaries of Margaret and Helena Deneke,…
Extents: 24 shelfmarks
Dates: 1882-1969

Papers of Edmund Clerihew Bentley

Diaries, papers and letters of Edmund Clerihew Bentley, including: Diaries, 1894-1905 Scrap-books of newspaper cuttings, ca. 1893-1914 Drafts and notes Correspondence, 1890-1955
Extents: 32 shelfmarks
Dates: 1890-1955

Papers of Ethel Sidgwick

Papers of Ethel Sidgwick, including: Letters to Ethel Sidgwick, 1877-1960 Journal of Ethel Sidgwick on a tour in the United States of America, November 1919-January 1920 Pocket diary for 1939 used by Ethel Sidgwick in 1941 Literary papers of Ethel Sidgwick, including manuscript and typescript drafts of works Miscellaneous papers of the Sidgwick…
Extents: 16 shelfmarks
Dates: 1876-1960