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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 54 Collections and/or Records:


Additional papers of Rev. Henry Handley Norris, 1789-1850

Correspondence mainly concerning the enquiries of Henry Handley Norris (1771-1850) into the family estate, with miscellaneous papers and sermons.
Extents: 0.11 Linear metres (3 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1789-1850

Adversaria Grabii

Manuscripts of Grabe, relating to theological Greek manuscripts.
Extents: 55 shelfmarks
Dates: 16th-18th cent.

Clarendon Press Manuscripts

Miscellaneous collection of printed books and manuscripts, relating to classical literature and theology.
Extents: 161 shelfmarks
Dates: 18th century-19th century

Collections of Rev. John Lewis

Miscellaneous collections, extracts and notes by John Lewis, with sketches and illustrations. The collections include material relating to theology, astronomy, history, and medicine.
Extents: 10 shelfmarks
Dates: 1701-1761

Conant Manuscripts

Twenty-five volumes of sermons and theological notes by Dr John Conant.
Extents: 25 shelfmarks
Dates: 1671-1687

Correspondence and papers of Sir Alister Clavering Hardy

Comprises: Biographical and autobiographical: Career, honours, and awards Autobiography Miscellaneous Zoology and marine biology: Research Projects Lectures, publications, and broadcasts Visits and…
Extents: 95 boxes
Dates: 1901-1985

Cromwell Manuscripts

Manuscripts collected by Cromwell, consisting of twenty-five Greek and two Slavonic manuscripts. The manuscripts are chiefly Patristic and include sermons and lives of saints.
Extents: 27 shelfmarks
Dates: 11th-16th cent.

Crynes Manuscripts

Manuscripts collected by Nathaniel Crynes, including legal documents, and Biblical, philosophical, theological and literary manuscripts.
Extents: 15 shelfmarks
Dates: 11th-18th cent.

Digby Manuscripts

Manuscripts collected by Digby, including manuscripts relating to Roger Bacon, astrology, astronomy, the Bible, medicine and theology.
Extents: 244 shelfmarks
Dates: 9th-17th century

Douce Manuscripts

Manuscripts, and some printed books, collected by Douce, including books of Hours, sermons, and papers relating to medicine, literature, theology, French romances, and law.
Extents: 453 shelfmarks
Dates: 8th-19th century

Exercise Books of H.P.K. Skipton

Six exercise books containing notes by H.P.K. Skipton on the correspondence of Thomas Brett, nonjuror.
Extents: 6 shelfmarks
Dates: 20th cent.

Laudian Collection

Manuscripts collected by William Laud, consisting of Greek, Latin and miscellaneous manuscripts. The collection includes sermons; manuscripts relating to the Bible, theology, Saint Anselm, and Saint Augustine; and four volumes relating to Ireland and Irish affairs collected out of Sir Robert Cotton's library and elsewhere, by Sir George Carew, afterwards Earl of Totnes, and President of the Province of Munster, 17th century.
Extents: 972 shelfmarks
Dates: 7th-17th century

Letters to Alexander Souter

Letters to Alexander Souter, mainly from scholars and churchmen, with similar letters to Cuthbert Hamilton Turner, successively Professor of Ecclesiastical History and of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture at Oxford.
Extents: 21 shelfmarks (2.31 linear metres)
Dates: 1892-1947

Locke Manuscripts

Papers of John Locke, including: Journals, letters, and accounts Papers relating to books and Locke's library Papers relating to theology, religion and philosophy Papers relating to money and coinage Medical notebooks and papers Papers relating to trade and the colonies Collections of verse …
Extents: 134 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th-18th cent.

Manuscripts by Thomas Traherne

Four manuscripts by Thomas Traherne, consisting of: 'Centuries of meditations', with Traherne's corrections 'Meditations and devotions' on the festivals of the Church, including prayers and poems by Traherne and others (in Traherne's hand) The 'Dobell folio' containing poems by Traherne and a commonplace book of Thomas Traherne, mainly on ethical and religious subjects …
Extents: 4 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th century

Manuscripts from the Collection of A.W. Turner

Manuscripts from the collection of A.W. Turner, consisting of: Recipe book of Isabella Pease, 1759, containing culinary, medical and household recipes Volume of essays, verse, letters and prayers, entitled 'Miscellany philosophical and moral. John Boston. Oct. 6. 1783' Incomplete legal treatise on conveyancing, early 19th century File of documents relating to…
Extents: 5 shelfmarks
Dates: 18th-19th cent.

Microfilms of a Translation of François Turrettin, Institutio Theologiae Elencticae

Microfilms of G.M. Giger's English translation of François Turrettin, Institutio Theologiae Elencticae.
Extents: 7 shelfmarks
Dates: 20th cent.

Notes on the Doctrines of Christianity, possibly by Edmund Butcher

Four volumes of notes, possibly by Edmund Butcher, on the doctrines of Christianity, compiled at the Academy, Daventry, Northamptonshire, in Jeremiah Rich's system of shorthand as improved by Philip Doddridge.
Extents: 4 shelfmarks
Dates: 1786-7

Papers of Edward Marshall and his son E.H. Marshall

Papers of Edward Marshall and his son E.H. Marshall, 19th-20th century comprising: The commonplace book of Edward Marshall compiled at Corpus Christi, Oxford, 1835, containing extracts from printed works, mainly on religion. Letters from E.H. Marshall to Julia Marshall (née Smith, b. 1855) mainly before their marriage, 1877-1906, with miscellaneous letters, 1866-1929, including a letter from…
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1835-1929

Papers of Hastings Rashdall

Letters and papers of Hastings Rashdall, including: Letters to Rashdall's mother, 1869-1879, 1907 Letters to Rashdall from H. Montagu Butler, 1875-1917 Diary kept by Rashdall at Harrow school, 1874 Letters to Rashdall, with copies of some replies, 1871-1878, 1882-1924 Drafts of lectures on medieval universities Papers and some…
Extents: 27 shelfmarks
Dates: 1869-1953