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The Annals of Ulster from 431 to 1541, 15th-16th century

(fols. 61–64, 73) are missing. The original compiler of these annals was Cathal (Charles) Maguire who died in 1498; thence they were continued to 1537 or 1541 by Roderick Cassidy, archdeacon of Clogher, who died in the latter year, and who, according to O'Conor (vol. i., Prolegomena, part ii, p. clxx.,) "hujus codicis partem postremam manu propria exaravit." See O'Donovan's Annals of the Four Masters, (in quarto.…
Collection: Rawlinson Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Rawl. B. 489
Extents: 126 Leaves
Dates: 15th-16th century