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Photographs relating to the English Lehfeldts, c. 1860-1935

Photographs relating to the 'English Lehfeldts', mostly portraits 1860s-1920s; reproductions of English Lehfeldt/ Leyfield family photos; negatives for reproductions. Francis William Albert Lehfeldt; Frederick Lehfeldt later Leyfield, Mary Leyfield née Brown, Albert Martin William Leyfield, Frederick Alfred Leyfield, William Leyfield, Otto Reginald Leyfield; Martin Alexander Charles Lehfeldt, Martha Lehfeldt née Essmann, Walther Lehfeldt, Annie Lehfeldt; Thomas Albert Lehfeldt,…
Collection: Braun Family Archive
Shelfmark: MS. Braun 103
Extents: 1 box
Dates: c. 1860-1935