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'Journal', 1821-2, n.d.

'Journal', 1821-2, voyage from Naples, Malta, Alexandria to Cairo, and journeys elsewhere in Egypt and in Nubia (mainly on the Nile) as far south as Samne [Semna], including occasional ink sketches and copies of inscriptions, with: (p. iii) Arabic vocabulary in Roman transliteration (p. 13) plan of the Pyramids [at Giza] after Norden (pp. 55, 78) maps of the Nile …
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 47
Extents: 196 pages
Dates: 1821-2, n.d.

'Journal', 1825-6

'Journal', 1825-6, journeys in the Eastern Desert at least as far south-east as Berenike on the Red Sea, and in Upper Egypt, including occasional ink and pencil sketches and water-colours, surveying calculations and drawings, site plans, and copies of hieroglyphic, Greek and Arabic inscriptions, with (p. 120) vocabulary in the 'Biskaren Language' (an Arabic dialect?).
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 48
Extents: 163 pages
Dates: 1825-6

Papers relating to journeys in the Eastern Desert, c.1825-6

Loose papers, c.1825-6, relating to journeys in the Eastern Desert, comprising notes (mainly in pencil), occasional pencil sketches, and surveying diagrams and drawings, with: (fol. 35) copies of hieroglyphic inscriptions (fols. 35v-36) site plans.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 49
Extents: 37 Leaves
Dates: c.1825-6