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Box 606606707


Contains 4 Results:


Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1821-56

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1821-56, comprising Egyptological notes (some not in Wilkinson's hand), drawings, and sketches, with (fols. 55, 96, 145) dried plants.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 123
Extents: 203 Leaves
Dates: c.1821-56

Loose manuscript fragments, 9th-18th cent.(?)

Loose manuscript fragments, 9th-18th cent.(?), comprising: (fols. 1-3) extracts from the Koran in Kufic script on parchment, with red and gilt pointing, 9th cent.(?) (with labels indicating that they were found in the mosque of Amr in Cairo by Murad Bey) (fol. 4) fragment in Syriac on parchment, with some lettering in red, 14th-15th cent.(?) (fols. 5-9) miscellaneous…
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 126
Extents: 10 Leaves
Dates: 9th-18th cent.(?)

'Journal', 1845-69

'Journal', 1845-8, England, relating mainly to British antiquities, including ink and pencil sketches, and site plans, with: (fols. 20v-2) notes on, ink section and water-colour plan of the geology of the Isle of Wight, 1847 (fols. 42-59) letter from E.L. Barnwell with enclosed tracings, and draft of reply, 1869. (fols. 60-70) blank
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 127
Extents: 70 Leaves
Dates: 1845-69

Commonplace book, c.1845-71

Commonplace book, c.1845-71, containing references to and notes on British antiquities and related subjects arranged alphabetically, including occasional sketches, water-colours and sketch maps, with (fol. 37) printed map of Ireland, and (fol. 57) newspaper cutting relating to the discovery of a stone axe at Ballarat in Australia.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 128
Extents: 73 Leaves
Dates: c.1845-71