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Braun | Gerhard Felix | 1893-1946 | gynaecologist


Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:


Compensation Claims, 1930-1966

Files Konrad Braun kept in connection with his dealings with the Federal German Government and the family's claims against the West Berlin government for losses of the Friedmann-Braun family sustained under National Socialism. The first laws providing for compensation to the victims of Nazism were passed soon after the federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949, and with the aid of a Berlin Lawyer, Dr. Henning, Konrad Braun put in his first claims in 1950. Claims were possible in…
Collection: Braun Family Archive
Dates: 1930-1966

Papers of, and concerning, Gerhard Braun, 1893-1946

Papers by, or about, Gerhard Braun found with the papers from Anneliese and Ruth Braun's house, including: Folder 1: Letters to Konrad Braun, 1937-1945. Also contains some letters by Anneliese Braun and Ruth Braun. Folder 2: Letters to Elisabeth, Bernhard, Bertha and Heinrich Lehfeldt, 1915, 1917, 1939 and 1946. Folder 3: Memoirs 'Freundliche Erinnerungen aus einem…
Collection: Braun Family Archive
Shelfmark: MS. Braun 32
Extents: 1 box (7 folders)
Dates: 1893-1946

Papers of Gerhard, Anneliese and Ruth Braun, 1880-2008

Most boxes in this series contain items that have been treated for mould contamination. Please consult curatorial or conservation staff for appropriate personal protective equipment before accessing the material.
Collection: Braun Family Archive
Dates: 1880-2008

Papers of the Friedmann-Braun Family, 1884-1958

The majority of the Friedmann-Braun papers were kept in Gertrud Friedmann-Braun's flat at Kurfürstenstrasse 119 in Berlin, the contents of which were lost when she and Hildegard were arrested in December 1942. When emigrating to the UK Konrad Braun and Gerhard Braun were only able to save some of the papers and other family memorabilia which they had in their possession. Therefore, most of the papers of the Friedmann-Braun family date from after 1938, but they include correspondence with…
Collection: Braun Family Archive
Dates: 1884-1958