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Compensation Claims, 1930-1966


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Files Konrad Braun kept in connection with his dealings with the Federal German Government and the family's claims against the West Berlin government for losses of the Friedmann-Braun family sustained under National Socialism. The first laws providing for compensation to the victims of Nazism were passed soon after the federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949, and with the aid of a Berlin Lawyer, Dr. Henning, Konrad Braun put in his first claims in 1950. Claims were possible in respect of the deaths of Konrad Braun's mother Gertrud Friedmann-Braun, his sister Hildegard Braun and his brother Johannes Braun; of the loss of their property; of Konrad and Hildburg Braun's own loss of property; of the damage to Konrad Braun's career; of the loss of Gerhard Braun's career; of the damage - eventually fatal - to Gerhard's health caused by his detention in a concentration camp; of the loss of Gerhard' Braun's property; and of the interruption of Thomas Braun's and Ruth Braun's education. Some of these claims were made by Konrad Braun on his own behalf, some were made on behalf of Anneliese Braun, Gerhard Braun's wife and heir, and some were made by Konrad Braun and Anneliese Braun jointly as residual legatees of the Friedmann-Braun family. Konrad Braun's own files are in this series, whilst files relating to claims made by Anneliese Braun and her daughter Ruth Braun were transferred to G. Papers of Gerhard, Anneliese and Ruth Braun.


  • Creation: 1930-1966

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MS. Braun 51-53