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World Health Organisation


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Archive of Frederick Augustus Christal

Research notes and office diaries of Frederick Christal (1921-2006), sanitarian.
Extents: 1.05 Linear metres (7 boxes)
Dates: 1949-1982

Correspondents files R. WILLIAMSON-J.A. WITKOWSKI, 1974-1990

Subjects include: history of somatic cell hybrids; WHO Hereditary Diseases Programme; purpose of Human Genome Project; roles of WHO and HUGO in the Human Genome Diversity Project; probe C11 and linkage to FPC. Correspondents: Folder 1: Professor Bob Williamson Folder 2: Dr. Jan Witkowski, Dr. Stefan F. Winter, Dr. U Winkler, Dr. C. G. Winearls, Beryl C. Winearls (…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 272
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1974-1990

Correspondents REM-RUP, 1976-1983

Subjects include: enquiries into "unorthodox methods" in the treatment of cancer. Correspondents: Folder 1: Marvin A. Rich, Sue Richards, Dr. A. Rickinson, Dr. H Rigter, Maurice Roberts, J. R. Wilkie Folder 2: Professor A. Robertson, Dr. Kathryn Robson, Bruce Rogers Folder 3: Mr. Aubrey Rose, Professor Steven Rose, Leon Rosenberg, Dr. Ugo Rovigatti, Dr. D. S.…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 67
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1976-1983

Further papers of Michael Kaser

Additional papers of Michael Charles Kaser (1926-2021), economist
Extents: 6.15 Linear metres (17 boxes)
Dates: 1953-1989

Genetics Lab administration grant applications, 1969-1978

Comprises: 'WHO NATO'. Papers relating to Genetics Laboratory expenses and applications for a NATO research grant for a project on the distribution of the HL-A antigens in samples from Jewish and Arab populations, and a World Health Organisation (WHO) research grant for a study of the HL-A polymorphism in man, 1971-1972 'Kidney Foundation'. Application for research grant to the National…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 430
Extents: 1 box (5 folders)
Dates: 1969-1978

Miscellaneous, 1968-1978

Comprises papers relating to: Folder 1: World Health Organiszation (WHO), 1970-1978 Folder 2: Wellcome Trust and Leukaemia Research Fund, 1971-1977 Folder 3: The Nuffield Foundation, 1968-1976
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1720 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1968-1978

MRC committees and meetings, 1971-1979

Papers for meetings of the committees on Board Structure, Laboratory Animals, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cancer Therapy, Monoclonal Antibodies to HLA Antigens, and Motor Neurone Disease. Comprises: Folder 1: Subcommittee on Board Structure and MRC Stocktaking review. Correspondence, manuscript notes and other papers used for meetings, 1973 Folder 2: 'MRC Laboratory Animals…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1438 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (8 folders)
Dates: 1971-1979
Single Item

Word processed memoir by Mary O. Abbott, titled 'An account of the experiences of a WHO [World Health Organization] nurse from 1959-1980, Part 1'

Word processed memoir by Mary O. Abbott, titled 'An account of the experiences of a WHO [World Health Organization] nurse from 1959-1980, Part 1'
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 6169
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1997

World Health Organisation general papers, 1972-1972

General correspondence and papers, including data from the Sperm Antigen and Trophoblast Antigen Workshop held in Toronto 1986, some papers relating to the Working Group on National Cancer Control Programmes Advisory Committee, and 'Report of the Task Group on WHO Human Genetics Programme Health for All by the Year 2000: The Contribution of Human Genetics'.
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1585
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1972-1972

World Health Organisation general papers, 1975-1994

Comprises: Folder 1: 'IARC Lyon (WHO)'. International Agency for Research into Cancer, Lyon, France, general correspondence and papers, 1975-1992 Folder 2: 'Nomenclature Committee for Factors of the HAL System'. Small bundle of papers mostly relating to sequencing, 1988-1991 Folder 3: Papers of the Working Group on Biotechnology and World Health, 1994 …
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1586
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1975-1994

World Health Organisation meetings, 1968-1979

Comprises: Folder 1: Committee on the Nomenclature of the Leucocyte Antigens Sept. 5-6, 1968 WHO Regional Office Washington, D.C.'. Correspondence and reports, 1968-1969 Folder 2: 'Infections WHO and Tropical Diseases'. Correspondence, manuscript notes and associated papers relating to Consultation on the Association between Genetic Markers and Parasitic Diseases in Human Populations,…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1587 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (5 folders)
Dates: 1968-1979