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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 31 Collections and/or Records:


Antiquarian Collections of Christopher Towneley

Antiquarian collections of Christopher Towneley including (c. 6) transcripts of documents relating to the Houghton and Talbot families, temp. Henry V-Edward VI, with a schedule of deeds relating to property in Hapton, Cliviger and Towneley in Lancashire, temp. Edward I-Elizabeth I; and (c. 12) transcripts of documents, mainly temp. Elizabeth I, relating to the manor of Wakefield, the Earls of Derby, and the manor of Ightenhill in Lancashire, with extracts from a cartulary of Whalley abbey.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th cent.

Antiquarian Collections of H.F. Owen Evans

Antiquarian collections of H.F. Owen Evans, consisting of: Pedigree of the Hungerford family of Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, early 16th century Genealogy of the Peyton family, 1615 Genealogy of the Berners family, 1616 Description by H.F. Owen Evans of his brass rubbings Working notebook of Evans, 1946-65 Church notes by…
Extents: 9 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th-20th cent.

Archive of Edmund Gibson, Bishop of London, and his descendants

Papers of Edmund Gibson (1669-1748), Bishop of London, with papers of his descendants, 1388-1797.
Extents: 7.45 Linear metres (23 Shelfmarks)
Dates: 1388-1797

Collections for the History of Jesus College, Oxford, by Rev. Dr. Andrew Clark

Collections for the history of Jesus College, Oxford, made in 1914, by the Rev. Dr. Andrew Clark, vols. XV-XIX, including lists of members, 17th-19th century.
Extents: 5 shelfmarks
Dates: 1914

Correspondence and Papers of Roger Gale

Three volumes of 'collections relating to the antiquitys of Britain etc' in the hand of Roger Gale, containing copies of his correspondence, 1715-44, and antiquarian discourses. The correspondents include Sir John Clerk, John Horsley, Maurice Johnson and William Stukeley. Each volume has a list of contents and an index. The last volume was completed by Gale's daughter-in-law Catherine; the first and second have occasional annotations by George Allan, who edited many of the letters and…
Extents: 3 shelfmarks
Dates: 1715-44

Correspondence of A.C. Ducarel and John Loveday

Correspondence of A.C. Ducarel and John Loveday, with a few letters in the hand of John Loveday the younger.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1761-1785

Correspondence of Richard Gough

Six volumes of correspondence of Richard Gough, consisting of: Correspondence of Gough and Samuel Denne, 1783-99 Correspondence of Gough, including letters from him to his mother, 1761-77; letters to and from William Bush, 1756-70; letters to and from John Howel, 1760-81; and letters to and from John James, 1779-1803 Correspondence of Gough with Edward Haistwell, 1760-83 …
Extents: 6 shelfmarks
Dates: 1756-1806

Correspondence of Richard Gough (ii)

Correspondence of Richard Gough, 1757-99, arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1757-99

Correspondence of Richard Gough, John Nichols, and J.B. Nichols concerning the second edition of The history and antiquities of the county of Dorset

Letters to Richard Gough, John Nichols and J.B. Nichols, with many draft replies, 1770-1817, concerning the second edtition of John Hutchins, The history and antiquities of the county of Dorset (4 vols., London, 1796-1815), arranged alphabetically, A-C, P-Y. The volume containing correspondents D-O is MS. Top. gen. d. 3.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1770-1817

Gloucestershire Collections by Ralph Bigland

Notebooks by Ralph Bigland, containing miscellaneous parish notes for about 65 Gloucestershire parishes, including copies of monumental inscriptions.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1773-5

Gloucestershire Collections of T.D. Fosbroke

Three volumes of Gloucestershire collections of T.D. Fosbroke: volume of extracts from records, including inquisitions post mortem and ad quod damnum, temp. Hen. III-Richard II copied from a MS. belonging to Stebbing Shaw, 1802; John Smith's 'Lives of the Berkeleys'; extracts from two cartularies of Winchcombe Abbey (Davis, nos. 1037-8); a MS. of John Smith relating to estates belonging to Berkeley Castle; and…
Extents: 3 shelfmarks
Dates: 19th cent.

Hampshire Collections of Sir Frederic Madden

Collections compiled by Madden relating to the county of Hampshire.
Extents: 7 shelfmarks
Dates: 1830-1833

Harry Paintin's papers relating to St. Clement parish, Oxford

Records of St. Clement parish, Oxford, partly collected and partly written by Harry Paintin, c. 1929, especially relating to the manor and parish church.
Extents: 3 shelfmarks
Dates: [c. 1929]

Historical and topographical notes, relating to Oxford, by John Gilbert

Collections of miscellaneous notes and newspaper cuttings, chiefly historical and topographical, relating to Oxford and its neighbourhood, made by John Gilbert in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 19th-20th century

Journal of Sir Frederic Madden

The journal of Sir Frederic Madden, with some papers and correspondence, including a fragment of an early 13th-century homily for Palm Sunday in Middle English.
Extents: 47 shelfmarks
Dates: 1819-72

Letters Collected by William Upcott

Letters of antiquaries, topographical writers and heralds, collected by William Upcott and arranged alphabetically in four volumes, A-C, D-K, L-P, R-Y, in 1835. Many of the letters are addressed to publishers and booksellers. The collection includes 70 engraved portraits and many printed proposals to publish antiquarian and topographical works.
Extents: 4 shelfmarks
Dates: 17th-19th century

Letters of Antiquarians

Two volumes of letters of antiquarians, including letters to W.D. Cooper, 1862-3, and C. Roach Smith, 1840-84.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks (0.22 linear metres)
Dates: 19th-20th cent.

Letters of Humfrey Wanley

Typescript copies of some 200 letters of Humfrey Wanley (1672-1726), edited and annotated by P. L. Heyworth, but excluded from Heyworth's edition of Letters of Humfrey Wanley 1672-1726 (Oxford, 1989).
Extents: 0.6 Linear metres (4 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1695-1725

Mark Noble Papers

Correspondence, catalogues and antiquarian works of Mark Noble, with some papers of his daughter, Martha C. Syms. Consisting of: Letters, mainly from J.S. Hylton, 1773-1781 Letters from various correspondents, 1781-1826 Catalogues of historical prints and engraved portraits Antiquarian works and sermons, including 'History of the family of Noble', 1800, and 'An…
Extents: 44 shelfmarks
Dates: 1773-1830

Microfilm Copies of Continuations of Sir Thomas Phillipps's Catalogues Annotated by A.N.L. Munby

Microfilm copies of continuations of the catalogues of Sir Thomas Phillipps's books and manuscripts and Sotheby's sale catalogues annotated by Mr. A.N.L. Munby.
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 20th cent.