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Box 606955083


Contains 6 Results:


Massachusetts, 2012

Leaflet with accomplishments of Denise Provost, Democratic, State Representative 27th district.
Shelfmark: MS. 21389/22
Extents: 1 item
Dates: 2012

New Hampshire, 2012

Candidates include Ovide LaMontagne, Governor and Jeanie Forrester, State Senate.
Shelfmark: MS. 21389/25-30
Extents: 15 items
Dates: 2012

New York, c.1999

Leaflet 'News from Phil Steck' relating to Albany County Legislature.
Shelfmark: MS. 21389/23
Extents: 1 item
Dates: c.1999

New York, 2011

Leaflets, flyers, door hangers, posters, advertisements, endorsements and opposition mailshots for Schenectady County local elections, Sep-Nov 2011, New York
Shelfmark: MS. 21389/20
Extents: 1 folder
Dates: 2011

New York, 2012

New York State Voter Registration Form (stamped for Schenectady County Board of Elections).
Shelfmark: MS. 21389/21
Extents: 2 pages
Dates: 2012

c.1980s, c.1980s

Small poster 'Vote Manuel B Lopez November 3, At-Large Candidate, D.C. School Board for a Responsible School Board'.
Shelfmark: MS. 21389/24
Extents: 1 item
Dates: c.1980s