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Copies of affidavits, order in council, statement of case, and petition, made in the matter of a complaint to the privy council from Cooper Gravenor, bailiff of Ipswich, against Leicester Martin, Devereux Edgar, Orlando Bridgeman, Milleson Edgar and John Dade, M.D. (five of the commissioners for putting in execution in Suffolk an act for recruiting the land forces) on the ground of their hindering him in the discharge of his duty whilst enlisting soldiers, in Mar 1709, 1709

Prefixed on a fly-leaf is an account of Gravenor's proceedings during his four years' bailiwick; and at the end is attached a long letter from the transcriber of the volume (apparently Orlando Bridgman) to his brother (Rich. Bridgeman), exposing the character of Gravenor and the deponents on his behalf, dated 20 May 1709.
Collection: Rawlinson Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Rawl. B. 428
Extents: 21 Leaves
Dates: 1709