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"Eastwoode Burye. The vewe, extente, terrytorye, surveye and rentalle of the sayd manner of Eastwoode Burye in the county of Essex, made and renewed the viiith daye of Auguste in the viiith yere of the reygne of our sovereygne ladye quene Elyzabethe [1566] by John Cooke, gent., stewarde to the ryghte honorable sir Rycherd Ryche, knighte, lorde Ryche, lorde of the sayd manner and by his commaundement", bulk: 1566-1605

At the end (fol. 25) is added: "A breife abstract drawne by my l. Ryches appointment oute of all the court rolls of Estwoodbury, wherby my l. Ryche by these presidents wold prove the tymber of all the copieholds being customary tenants to the sayd mannor, to be his. 1605." The original cover, now bound up with the MS., is an inquisition post mortem in the time of Queen Elizabeth, respecting the manor of Lostmans in the county of Essex, held by Richard Stane, deceased.
Collection: Rawlinson Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Rawl. B. 308
Extents: 26 Leaves
Dates: Majority of material found within 1566-1605