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"Certaine errors upon the statute made the yeare of Kinge Edward the third of children borne beyond the sea, conceived by serieaunt Browne, and confuted by serieaunt Farefax, in manner of a dialogue: whether by the said statute children borne out of the Kings legiance, at the time of whose birth their father and mother were in the faith, and of the legiance of the Kinge of England, maie claime and beare inheritance in England, as mere English borne", bulk: 17th century

In a copy of this treatise which occurred in a catalogue of MSS. on sale at Mr. Thomas Rodd's in 1831, the title runs as follows: "A discourse [made by sir Nicholas Bacon, knight, sometyme lord keeper of the great seale] intituled, Certayn errors," etc.; to which is added this note, "The words within brackets which ascribe this treatise to sir Nicholas Bacon are struck through by the pen."
Collection: Rawlinson Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Rawl. A. 495
Extents: 133 Leaves
Dates: Majority of material found within 17th century