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Drawings and letters of members of the family of Polignac, written in 1801-1844

'Portraits de la Société à Fontainbleau en l'an 1827 et 1829 ...', consisting chiefly of drawings (coloured and other) of members of the family of Polignac, but also including letters in French: (fols. 32, 9) from the prince de Polignac, Nov. 18, 1830, and Aug. 16, 1844 (fol. 11) from king Louis the XVIII, Sept. 7, 1801 (fol. 14) a copy of one from king Louis the XVIII…
Collection: Pigott Manuscripts
Found in: Miscellanea
Shelfmark: MS. Pigott b. 3
Extents: 74 Leaves
Dates: written in 1801-1844