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Letters from her brothers, Arthur, Henry and William Carr Sidgwick and from Eleanor, Ada and Charles Benson, 1853-1912, n.d.

(3/9, fols.1-32) Letters telegram and postcards from Arthur Sidgwick (her brother), 1866-1912, n.d (3/10, fols. 33-69) Letters from Henry Sidgwick (her brother), 1859-97 (3/11, fols.70-102) Letters from William Carr Sidgwick (her brother), with 1 letter to Edward, 1853-97,n.d. (3/12, fols.103-132) Letters from sisters-in-law Eleanor and Ada Benson (later McDowall),…
Shelfmark: MS. Benson 3/9-13
Extents: 136 Leaves
Dates: 1853-1912, n.d.