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Drafts, fragments and notes of stories, in French and English, [1770s and 1780s]

Mainly with an Oriental or Arabic setting. Some of the drafts and fragments are continuations of 'The long story' (see Parreaux, op. cit., pp. 99-136). They include: (fols. 3-10, 12-19) a rough draft, and fair copy with alterations, of 'Yao', discussed by Parreaux, p. 93, n. 310 (fols. 20-3) a draft entitled (fol. 1) 'Gabel al Comar', containing notes on 'Bostan afruz' and a fragment…
Shelfmark: MS. Beckford c. 48
Extents: 85 Leaves
Dates: [1770s and 1780s]