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Papers relating to No Easy Way: a history of the Kenya Farmers' Association and Unga Limited , [1904]-1957

No Easy Way: a history of the Kenya Farmers' Association and Unga Limited was published in Kenya by East African Standard, Ltd, Nairobi, 1957. Foreword written by Michael Blundell.
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782, box 3
Extents: 1.0 box (7 folders)
Dates: [1904]-1957

Loose sheets of manuscript notes, [1904]-[1952]

Comprises: (fols 1A-102) - miscellaneous notes, n.d. Fols 1-99 foliated by Elspeth Huxley and preceded by a subject index. Includes letter (fol 96) from C.E. Hallam, Unga Limited, to Thomas Holden, on the introduction of wheat as a planted crop in East Africa. (fols 103-110) - notes from K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] Minute Book, 1923-1952, n.d. (fols 111-129) -…
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 1
Extents: 1.0 file
Dates: [1904]-[1952]

Papers about Unga Limited, 1933-1956

Comprises: (fols 1-18) - Memorandum, with 12 appendices, prepared to assist the Directors with reference to the future policy of the Company. There is a covering letter from the Manager, F. Thomas Holden, to the Directors. 4 Oct 1933. (fols 19-20) - extract from a Memorandum to Directors, concerning Ahluwalia Pritam Singh, owner of the Krishna Flour Mills at Eldoret, 7 Aug 1936. …
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 2
Extents: 1.0 file
Dates: 1933-1956

Letters and notes, Oct 1956-May 1957

Letters and notes from various correspondents, answering Elspeth Huxley's enquiries and supplying information. All letters addressed to Huxley unless otherwise indicated. (fols 1-2) - K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] inter-office communication from D.L.K. Coldwell, Branch Superintendent, to the Branch Managers at Eldoret and Kitale, giving instructions about Elspeth Huxley's visits to those places,…
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 3
Extents: 1.0 file
Dates: Oct 1956-May 1957

Papers concerning the book format, illustrations and production, Jan-Jul 1957

With various criticisms of the text. Comprises: (fols 1-6) - list of photographs for illustrations, with notes and captions, n.d. (fol 7) - letter from the General Manager, Standard Bank of South Africa, Nairobi, about a photograph of the Eldoret branch, 2 Jan 1957. (fols 8-10) - letter from Elspeth Huxley to Pain, referring to a copy of the manuscript of the book…
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 4
Extents: 1.0 file
Dates: Jan-Jul 1957

Printed papers, 1926-1957

Unfoliated items. Comprises: (item 1) - reprint from The East African Farm & Home Journal, 'Wheat Growing in Kenya', an address by Sir Roland Biffen, F.R.S., Dec 1926. (item 2) - report on 1951 Wheat and Maize Prices (the Troup Report), 1952. (item 3) - 'The Oath-Taker', a poem by Barbara Addington which attempts to portray the mind of a…
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 5
Extents: 1.0 file
Dates: 1926-1957

Printed papers about locust control, May 1950-Apr 1956

Comprises: (item 1) - reprint from Corona, vol.2, no.5, 'Locusts' by B.P. Uvarov, C.M.G., D.Sc., May 1950. (item 2) - Locust Research and Control 1928-1950 by B.P. Uvarov. Colonial Research Publication No.10, issued by H.M. Stationery Office, 1951. (item 3) - Report of the Desert Locust Survey 1 Oct 1948-30 Sep 1950, 1951. …
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 6
Extents: 1.0 file
Dates: May 1950-Apr 1956

Press Office handouts and circulars issued by The Voice of Kenya and other organisations, Aug 1954-Jan 1957

Comprises: (item 1) - Press Office handout: Note on the Mau Mau movement in Kenya, 11 Aug 1954. (item 2) - The Voice of Kenya: Emergency in Kenya - Part I, the background (an historical outline), n.d. (item 3) - Press Office handout: The Kenya Emergency - Report of the War Council, Oct 1954. (item 4) - Press Office handout:…
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 7
Extents: 1.0 file
Dates: Aug 1954-Jan 1957