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Letters and notes, Oct 1956-May 1957


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Letters and notes from various correspondents, answering Elspeth Huxley's enquiries and supplying information. All letters addressed to Huxley unless otherwise indicated.

  1. (fols 1-2) - K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] inter-office communication from D.L.K. Coldwell, Branch Superintendent, to the Branch Managers at Eldoret and Kitale, giving instructions about Elspeth Huxley's visits to those places, and listing the men she wished to meet, 17 Oct 1956.
  2. (fol 3) - list of Elspeth Huxley's appointments for 5 Nov-6 Nov [unknown year].
  3. (fol 4) - letter from Mary Selfe to Mrs Grant (Elspeth Huxley's mother) naming books about Kenya that might be of interest, 22 Nov 1956.
  4. (fol 5) - letter from R.E. Wainwright, Provincial Commissioner, Rift Valley Province, Nakuru, with information about Eldoret, 27 Nov 1956.
  5. (fols 6-9) - letter from Gerald Smallwood about the history of Kenyan goldfields, with an account of an American prospector, L.A. Johnson, who became Chairman of the Plateau Maize Growers' Association in 1922. On the reverse of folios 6-7 are pencil notes by Elspeth Huxley. 27 Nov 1956.
  6. (fols 10-16) - letter from J.W. Haylock, Bird Control Officer, Scott Agricultural Laboratories about Quelea (Sudan Dioch birds), 27 Nov 1956. See also MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 7, item 10.
  7. (fols 17-23) - letter from H.W. Hunwick, General Manager of the Tanganyika Farmers' Association, Ltd, with notes on the K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] in Tanganyika and the formation in 1955 of the Tanganyika Farmers' Association, 5 Dec 1956.
  8. (fols 24-27) - letter from N.H. Hardy with notes about the Pyrethrum industry, 6 Dec 1956.
  9. (fols 28-32) - letter from Peter Preston, Department of Veterinary Services, Nyeri, about the Pig Industry, 8 Dec 1956.
  10. (fols 33-45) - letter from Hugh C. Thorpe, Senior Plant Breeder, Kenya Colony, with two papers on 'Rust of Wheat in Kenya' and 'Food production and plant breeding', 14 Dec 1956.
  11. (fols 46-51) - letter from F.W. Evans with notes about his father, George Windham Wright Evans, an early settler and plant breeder, 17 Dec 1956.
  12. (fols 52-55) - letter from Arnold Paice, with notes from old diaries about his life as a settler in Kenya from 1907, 28 Dec 1956.
  13. (fols 56-57) - particulars of Kenyan farms and their tenants, n.d.
  14. (fol 58) - K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] Issued and Authorised Share Capital for the years 1923-1956, n.d.
  15. (fol 59) - letter signed 'Freddy' [probably H.F. Ward] about early settler days in Kenya and the Muthaiga building estate, 9 Jan 1957.
  16. (fol 60) - letter from A. Cloete about his father, Christian Johannes Cloete, an early settler, 10 Jan 1957.
  17. (fols 61-63) - letter from W.F. Dawson with information about other early settlers and the Maize Growers' Association, 12 Jan 1957.
  18. (fols 64-68) - letter from Maurice Pain, Managing Director, K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] with notes on the passion fruit industry, 17 Jan 1957.
  19. (fols 69-81) - letter from Captain Louis Sykes, giving an account of his own life and that of other early settlers, with six photographs of farm equipment, 18 Jan 1957.
  20. (fols 82-85) - letter from R. Ridley, Standard Bank of South Africa, Nairobi, about J.J. Toogood, enclosing an autobiographical note provided by him shortly before his death, 24 Jan 1957. There are references in the letter to photographs of Toogood and others, suitable for illustrations in the book.
  21. (fols 86-89) - letter from the Staff Controller, Standard Bank of South Africa, Ltd, London, with a note on the career of John James Toogood, a member of the bank's staff in British East Africa, 1910-1919, Chairman of K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] 1921-1924, 4 Feb 1957. Attached is a letter dated 12 Nov 1956 from the General Manager of the Bank at Nairobi, replying to Elspeth Huxley's request for information about J.C. Shaw, a colleague of Toogood's.
  22. (fols 90-97) - letters about Toogood from I.J. Swanson and George Sutton (Toogood's nephew), 15 Feb-23 Feb 1957.
  23. (fol 98) - letter from Constantine with further information about the finances of Unga Limited, 27 Feb 1957. See MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 2, fols 82-97.
  24. (fols 99-101) - letter from J.L. Spreckley, Chief Accountant, K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association] about the working of the Accounts Department, 27 Feb 1957.
  25. (fols 102-104) - letter from T.J. O'Shea, Chairman, Eldoret Mining Syndicate, enclosing 'Notes to assist Mrs Huxley with her new book on Kenya'. A note is added commenting on a certain passage in White Man's Country concerning Delamere and the London Delegation of 1930, of which O'Shea was a member, 14 Mar 1957. A reprint from the East Africa Standard is attached, entitled 'Political Evolution of the African in Kenya', by O'Shea.
  26. (fol 105) - letter from D.L. Blunt, Ministry of Forest Development, Game and Fisheries, Nairobi, commenting on Elspeth Huxley's chapter on locusts, 19 Mar 1957.
  27. (fols 106-113) - letter from A.D.P. Thomas, Chairman, Pig Industry Board of Kenya, concerning the history of the industry, 25 Mar 1957. Attached are three articles from the official Bulletin, dated Apr and Oct 1956 and Jan 1957.
  28. (fol 114) - a note entitled 'The words of Kuria s/o Thongo', a worker at the Uplands Bacon Factory from 1910, n.d.
  29. (fols 115-117) - typescript of an editorial entitled 'Combined Operations' from the April Bulletin of the Pig Industry Board of Kenya, n.d.
  30. (fol 118) - letter from Constantine about certain people mentioned in his notes, 6 Apr 1957. See MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 2, fols 82-97.
  31. (fols 119-120) - letter from R. Heard about his father, Dr Heard, 7 Apr 1957.
  32. (fols 121-123) - letter from Holden answering certain enquiries about Unga Limited, 9 Apr 1957.
  33. (fols 124-125) - letter from Jack Lipscomb about the history of the Board of Agriculture, 9 Apr 1957.
  34. (fols 126-127) - letter from O'Shea with 'Further notes for Mrs Huxley's new book', about A.L. ('American') Johnson and the Kakamega Gold Rush, 10 Apr 1957.
  35. (fols 128-129) - letter from Lipscomb with further details about the Board of Agriculture, 23 Apr 1957.
  36. (fols 130-131) - letter from Thomas with further information about the Pig Industry Board, 29 Apr 1957.
  37. (fols 132-133) - letter from Holden about his delayed notes on Unga Limited, 1 May 1957.
  38. (fol 134) - letter from Pain about the question of a title for Elspeth Huxley's book, 2 May 1957.
  39. (fols 135-136) - letter from Granville Roberts, Kenya Public Relations Officer, answering Elspeth Huxley's questions on wheat production, 3 May 1957.
  40. (fols 137-138) - notes in Elspeth Huxley's hand, from the Kenya Statistical Abstract 1955, n.d.
  41. (fol 139) - letter signed 'Sandy' to 'My dear Kay', with stories for Elspeth Huxley about Captain L.A. Spiers, 9 May 1957.
  42. (fols 140-142) - letter from Winifred Cooper c/o W.N.L.A., Dowa, Nyasaland, with reminiscences of twenty years of work with the K.F.A. [Kenya Farmers' Association], 14 May 1957.
  43. (fol 143) - letter from Holden, sent with further notes, 17 May 1957. See also MSS. Afr. s. 782 box 3, file 2.
  44. (fols 144-159) - an account by J.S. Rathbone, Editor of The Sunday Post, of his life as a settler under the 1920 Soldier-Settler development scheme, entitled 'North of Mount Kenya', n.d.


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