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Contains 4 Results:


'Journal', 1850-62, n.d.

'Journal', 1850-3, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and England, including notes, ink and pencil drawings, and site plans, with: (fol. 6v) copies of Latin inscriptions (fols. 56-61v) extracts on British archaeology, 1862 (fol. 63) cutting from the Alnwick Mercuryon a meeting of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, n.d. fols. 64-5)…
Shelfmark: MS.. Wilkinson dep. e. 44
Extents: 114 Leaves
Dates: 1850-62, n.d.

Pocket book, 1863-4

Pocket book, 1863-4, containing English/Spanish vocabulary, with: (fols. 1v-3v, 21-22v) notes on the Spanish language and Spanish pronunciation (p. 21v) list of kings of Spain.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. e. 45
Extents: 22 Leaves
Dates: 1863-4

Notebook, n.d., (c.1858-70)

Notebook, n.d. (c.1858-70), containing references to Athenaeus of Naucratis, Deipnosophists (probably in Yonge's translation).
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. e. 46
Extents: 32 Leaves
Dates: n.d., (c.1858-70)

Draft commentary on Deipnosophists , n.d., (c.1858-70)

Volume, n.d. (c.1858-70), containing a draft commentary on Athenaeus of Naucratis, Deipnosophists, books II-XI, with (fol. 1 r-v) a preface based on the beginning of book I. (fols. 2-5, 35-66) blank
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. e. 47
Extents: 66 Leaves
Dates: n.d., (c.1858-70)