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Box 606606711


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'Journal', 1863-75

'Journal', 1863-75, England, Wales and Spain, relating mainly to antiquities, including notes, ink and pencil drawings, water-colours, site plans, and maps, with: (fols. 3v-5v, 75) verses fol. 14) dried flower (fol. 31) albumen monochrome photographic print of an excavated tump, n.d. (fols. 44-9, 50v, 57) material relating to Spanish shells, 1863-4 …
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 141
Extents: 93 Leaves
Dates: 1863-75

Poems, 1816-21?

Volume, 1816-21(?), containing poems by Byron, Rogers, Peregrine Bingham and Thomas Moore, with: (p. iii) contents page (pp. 24-7) unattributed verses probably by Wilkinson (p. 44) verses by Sir William Gell (p. 45) Italian verses beginning 'Pulcinella mal contento'.
Found in: Personal papers
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 142
Extents: 49 pages
Dates: 1816-21?

Riddles and related material, c.1849-70

Loose papers, c.1849-70, comprising riddles and related material (not all in Wilkinson's hand), with (fol. 72v) copy of a poem in German by August von Platen in Lady Wilkinson's hand. Found together (apart from fols. 67-70, found loose in MS. Wilkinson dep. e. 86).
Found in: Personal papers
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 143
Extents: 72 Leaves
Dates: c.1849-70

Drawings, notes, inventories etc., c.1851-71

Volume, c.1851-71, containing: (pp. 1-3) drawings of bookcases (pp. 4, 114, 116, 118, 120, 122, 124, 126-56, 167-8) lists of books, 1851-68 (pp. 8-24, 169-171) lists of Greek vases and other antiquities, illustrated with ink and pencil sketches (pp. 24-89) inventories, notes and letters relating to the packing and storage of property, 1864-6 …
Found in: Personal papers
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. d. 144
Extents: 184 pages
Dates: c.1851-71