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Box 606606670


Contains 7 Results:


Surveying drawings, calculations, and plans, c.1858-71(?)

Loose papers, c.1858-71(?), comprising surveying drawings, calculations, and plans, relating to ancient British sites in the west of England, with sketches and notes, and (fol. 83) original wrapper.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. c. 25
Extents: 83 Leaves
Dates: c.1858-71(?)

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1850-1874

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1850-1874, relating to British antiquities and Celtic languages, including (fols. 19-20, 24-7, 62, 106-7) newspaper cuttings, and (fols. 72-87) transcript of a paper on cromlechs given by W.C. Lukis at Leeds in 1863.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. c. 26
Extents: 109 Leaves
Dates: c.1850-1874

Papers relating to the Balkans and various other subjects, c.1848-50

Loose papers, c.1848-50, relating to the Balkans and to various other subjects, including: (fols. 1-11) letters to Wilkinson and enclosures, 1848-50 (fols. 26-7, 31) printed material, 1849-50, with (fol. 32) original wrapper.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. c. 27
Extents: 32 Leaves
Dates: c.1848-50

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1816-74

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1816-74, including notes and extracts (not all in Wilkinson's hand), drawings, tracings and water-colours, and printed material, with (fols. 203-13) collodion or gelatin(?) monochrome photographic prints.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. c. 28
Extents: 232 Leaves
Dates: c.1816-74

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1850-70

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1850-70, including notes and drafts, drawings and water-colours (not all by Wilkinson), letters, and printed material, with (fols. 34-9) mounted salted paper monochrome photographic prints of cromlechs, c.1858.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. c. 29
Extents: 43 Leaves
Dates: c.1850-70

English/Coptic/hieroglyphic vocabulary, 1828

Volume, 1828, containing English/Coptic/hieroglyphic vocabulary, with (p. 3b) note in another hand, and (p. 82) list of 'Greek words derived from the Egyptian'. (pp. 74-81) blank
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. c. 23
Extents: 92 pages
Dates: 1828

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1821-1878

Miscellaneous loose papers, c.1821-1878, relating to Egyptology and to the study of the ancient and contemporary Near East (some not in Wilkinson's hand), including: (fols. 24-5) papers in Arabic script (fols. 40-1, 54-5, 83-4) printed material including press cuttings.
Shelfmark: MS. Wilkinson dep. c. 24
Extents: 84 Leaves
Dates: c.1821-1878