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Contains 14 Results:


Royal Society: correspondence, 1973-1976, 1989

Brief correspondence mainly about papers by Peierls submitted for publication.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/45/E.83
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1973-1976, 1989

Viking Press: correspondence, 1973-1975

Relating to Next Year in Jerusalem: portraits of the Jew in the 20th Century, and Peierls's contribution 'The Jew in 20th century physics'.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/45/E.87
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1973-1975

World Scientific Publishing Co: correspondence, 1981-1993

Peierls acted as advisor. Includes correspondence on proposed publication of Peierls's 'Selected Papers', 1993.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/45/E.88
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1981-1993

Drafts for shorter articles, reviews, letters, 1980-1993

Comprises: 'How did we get into this atomic age?', review of R.W. Clark, The greatest power on earth, c.1980 'Scientists, the arms race and disarmament', review of Pugwash Symposium, 1982 letter to The Times, 1985 'Physics and Homi Bhabha', review in Nature, 321 (1986) …
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/45/E.90
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1980-1993

Press cuttings, 1971-1991

Including articles, reviews, letters, on all subjects - physics, nuclear arms, history of science and scientists.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/45/E.91
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1971-1991