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Letters, 1955-1957

Comprises: letter from the Treasurer, Somerville College, Oxford, acknowledging the book and 'the responsibility for your inspiration', 1955 letter from a reader, with corrections and suggestions, 1957
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/40/E.1
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1955-1957

Correspondence, 1977-1981

Correspondence mainly about possible new edition, with Allen & Unwin, Charles Scribners' Sons and Taylor & Francis.
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/40/E.2
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1977-1981

Correspondence with the editor-in-chief B.T. Feld, editors and others, 1978-1985

Includes material on the following articles: 'Limited nuclear war?', 38 (1982) 'First strike fiction' (1984) 'Reflections of a British participant' for anniversary issue, Aug 1985 'Nuclear weapons policy without first strike', report on the 33rd Pugwash Conference, Venice, 1983
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/40/E.4
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1978-1985

Correspondence, 1984-1992

Comprises: correspondence on proposed book based on BBC radio programme, The ghost in the atom to which Peierls contributed, 1984-1985 correspondence on Peierls's Dirac lecture, 1992
Shelfmark: MS. 11619/40/E.6
Extents: 1 file
Dates: 1984-1992