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Verse by Lord Byron, mainly holograph, 1811-1822

Dep. Lovelace Byron 157
Held at the Weston Library

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(fol. 1) 'Childe Harold', canto II, stanzas 89-90

(fols. 2-3) 'Condolatory Address to Sarah, Countess of Jersey'

(fols. 4-7) alterations and drafts for 'English Bards and Scotch Reviewers', with (fol. 6) some lines of 'Hints from Horace'

(fols. 8-9) printed double sheet of 'Fare Thee Well!'

(fols. 10-13) 'From the French', 1815, with fols. 10 and 13 in Lady Byron's hand

(fol. 15) 'Genevieve'

(fols. 16-17) 'Give me thy kisses'

(fols. 19-20) 'Golin Marbane', 1815

(fol. 21) lines beginning 'Hard is the life', dated Jy. 26th 1815, endorsed by Lady Byron 'Epilogue to the Merchant of Venice - intended for private Theatricals'

(fols. 24-25) 'Harmodia', 8 Sep 1814

(fols. 26-48) Hebrew Melodies, including:

  1. (fol. 28) 'Oh! snatched away in beauty's bloom', annotated by Lady Byron 'Given me at Seaham before my marriage'
  2. (fol. 29) 'Saul'
  3. (fol. 30) 'Song of Saul before his last Battle', endorsed by Lady Byron 'Seaham 1815'
  4. (fol. 32) 'Fame, wisdom, love', annotated by Lady Byron 'Seaham 1815'
  5. (fol. 34) 'When coldness wraps', annotated by Lady Byron 'Seaham. Feb.1815'
  6. (fol. 35) 'Sun of the Sleepless!'
  7. (fol. 36) 'Were my bosom as false', endorsed by Lady Byron 'Seaham 1815'
  8. (fols. 38-39) draft and fair copy of 'Herod's Lament for Mariamne', annotated by Lady Byron 'Halnaby. Jan 1815'
  9. (fols. 41-43) draft and fair copy of 'On the Day of the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus', endorsed by Lady Byron 'Halnaby. Jan 18. 1815'
  10. (fols. 44-45) draft and fair copy of 'By the Rivers of Babylon', endorsed by Lady Byron 'Jan 13. 1815. Halnaby'
  11. (fol. 46) 'In the Valley of Waters', endorsed by Lady Byron 'Halnaby 1815'
  12. (fol. 48) 'The Assyrian came down', annotated by Lady Byron 'Seaham Feb. 12. 1815'

(fols. 49-101) two drafts of 'Hints from Horace', (fol. 50) headed by Byron 'Athens. March 2d. 1811' and labelled by Lady Byron 'End Part', (fol. 75) headed by Byron 'First fair Copy' and dated 'Athens. March 12th 1811'

(fol. 102) 'La Revanche'

(fols. 104-149) 'Lara'

(fol. 150) copy of lines written in a Bible given by Byron to his sister Augusta

(fols. 152-153) 'Magdalen', dated by Byron 'Apl. 18th 1814'

(fol. 155) 'Napoleon's Farewell', annotated by Lady Byron 'First Copy. 1815'

(fol. 157) copy in Lady Byron's hand of 'Newstead Abbey'

(fol. 159) copy in Lady Byron's hand of 'On Percival'

(fol. 161) 'On Southey's Laureateship', with (fol. 162) a copy of the first stanza in the hand of Ralph King, 2nd Earl of Lovelace

(fols. 164-165) 'Lines on the quotation "And Thy True Faith", dated by Byron 'January 1812'

(fols. 168-169) two sonnets 'To Genevra'

(fols. 170-177) 'Stanzas for Music', comprising:

  1. (fol. 170) draft of 'I speak not, I trace not'
  2. (fols. 171-174) draft of 'There's not a joy', with (fol. 172) a fair copy by Lady Byron
  3. (fols. 175-177) drafts of 'Bright be the place of thy soul', the first (fol. 175) written on a visiting card of Lady Louisa Katharine Forester and annotated by Lady Byron 'June 9. 1815'

(fol. 179) 'Stanzas written in the Ambracian Gulph', dated by Byron 'Nov. 14th. 1812'

(fols. 180-191) 'The Age of Bronze', headed by Byron '10 bre 2-17th 1822'

(fols. 193-194) printed sheet of lines 189-439 of 'The Bride of Abydos', corrected and annotated by Byron

(fols. 196-234) 'The Deformed Transformed', headed by Byron 'Pisa Jy. 1822' and preceded (fol. 195) by a note of Charlotte, Lady Dorchester that 'these autograph MSS. of Lord Byron' were given by her to Ralph, Lord Wentworth in 1886

(fols. 235-255) 'The Giaour'

(fols. 256-257) copy, in an unidentified hand, of 'The Girl of Cadiz'

(fols. 258-261) 'Il diavolo inamorato'

(fols. 263-269) 'The Devil's Drive', headed by Byron 'Dec. 8th 1813'

(fols. 270-271) lines 1 to 45 of 'The Seige of Corinth', dated by Byron 'Oct. 23rd'

(fol. 273) 'To Belshazzar', dated by Lady Byron 'Feb. 12. 1815'

(fols. 274-276) 'To Ianthe'

(fols. 278-279) 'When we two parted', labelled by Lady Byron 'First Copy. 1815'

(fols. 280-291) miscellaneous fragments


  • Creation: 1811-1822


291 Leaves

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  • English


Dep. Lovelace Byron 157

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