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Miscellaneous papers, 1914-1924

MS. Asquith 133
Held at the Weston Library

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Chiefly typescript, but a few printed. Found mainly amongst the printed government papers (MSS. Asquith 111-132). Some are undated and have been given a tentative date. The more important are:

  1. (fol. 9) a paper on the proposed Dardanelles operations (?late 1914 or early 1915)
  2. (fol. 12) Lloyd George's memorandum urging operations in the Balkans and against Turkey, Dec. 1914
  3. (fol. 21) papers about armaments production, n.d. (?early 1915)
  4. (fol. 31) notes on the financial situation (?by John Maynard Keynes), Oct. 1915 (used by Asquith in his Commons statement of 2 Nov.)
  5. (fol. 35) notes by Sir Charles Harris on the cost of the army, and observations thereon by Lord Reading, Nov. 1915
  6. (fol. 41) notes by Churchill on the Dardanelles operations, Nov. 1915
  7. (fol. 47) a paper on the situation in Greece, n.d. (?Dec. 1915-Jan. 1916)
  8. (fol. 55) statistics of troops engaged in the war, n.d.
  9. (fol. 58) reports on conditions in prisoner of war camps in Germany with a letter by Lord Robert Cecil, Jan. 1916
  10. (fol. 65) memorandum (?by John Maynard Keynes) on British financial assistance to France, Jan. 1916
  11. (fol. 67) two papers by Walter Long on compulsory military service, Apr. 1916
  12. (fol. 71) a Board of Trade memorandum on the alleged intention of Germany to carry on an economic war, n.d. [1916]
  13. (fol. 74) memorandum by Long entitled 'Release of enlisted men from civil obligations', n.d.(?June 1916)
  14. (fol. 79) various papers relating to the Mesopotamian campaign, July 1916
  15. (fol. 93) a memorandum (endorsed 'H.Samuel' by Asquith) containing 'suggestions for a re-allocation of the functions of the Home,Office, Board of Trade and Local Government Board', n.d. (?1916)
  16. (fol. 95) a draft resolution on redistribution of parliamentary representation, Nov. 1916
  17. (fol. 97) reports of the army court of inquiry set up to inquire into the cases of 2nd lieutenant Patrick Barrett and honorary lieutenant-colonel Owen Thomas, with related papers, Nov. 1916
  18. (fol. 294) papers relating to the Dardanelles Commission, 1917
  19. (fol. 330) programme for Asquith's visit to the front in France [Sept. 1917]
  20. (fol. 332) Asquith's copy of the Bryce report on reform of the Second Chamber (with occasional underlinings), Apr. 1918
  21. (fol. 344) two printed papers on shell output during the whole of the war (perhaps connected with Asquith's controversy with French, 1919)
  22. (fol. 348) a printed government paper on the Dawes Plan, July 1924


  • Creation: 1914-1924


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MS. Asquith 133