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Letters, memoranda, and other papers (in some cases copies) by Asquith, 1892-1927

MS. Asquith 46
Held at the Weston Library

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(fols. 1-160) Letters, memoranda, and other papers. The more important items are:

  1. (fols.9, 36) two letters addressed to Rosebery, 1899 and 1909
  2. (fol. 14) one to Campbell-Bannerman regarding a resolution on South Africa, 1902
  3. (fol. 18A) an exchange of notes in Latin with Morley
  4. (fol. 25) a letter criticising the King's action in making the Czar an honorary Admiral of the Fleet without consulting the government, 1908
  5. (fol. 39) memoranda of two conversations with the King regarding a January (1910) dissolution, 1909
  6. (fol. 51) a letter to Balfour on the Parliament Bill, 1911
  7. (fol. 54) some notes on proportional representation, with printed materials, 1912
  8. (fol. 88) a paper headed 'Suggested agenda' (presumably for the Buckingham Palace Conference, 1914)
  9. (fol. 95) copy of telegram to Churchill at Antwerp, 1914
  10. (fol. 97) a letter to Lord Aberdeen suggesting his retirement from the Lord-Lieutenancy of Ireland, 1914, and a related letter to Lady Aberdeen
  11. (fol. 101) an undated memorandum stating that the Western Front is to be regarded as the dominant theatre of the war
  12. (fol. 102) two letters to Sir John French, Nov.1914, June 1915
  13. (fol. 109) a letter to Churchill about the latter's visit to the Dardanelles, July 1915
  14. (fol. 113) a letter to Kitchener about the General Staff, Sept. 1915
  15. (fol. 120) a memorandum on Mesopotamia, Oct. 1915
  16. (fols. 128-9) a forecast of the course of the war in 1916 by Kitchener (2 copies, both in Asquith's hand)
  17. (fols. 132-9) notes of a conversation with Lord Reading on the possibility of Asquith's joining the government, 1917
  18. (fol. 148) a series of typed copies of letters to W.M.R. Pringle, 1920-27, the most important of which deals with the political situation at the beginning of 1924

with (fols. 161-223) Typewritten copies of letters of Asquith to Lord Crewe (with copies of some of Crewe to Asquith and also of enclosures), Mar. 1906-Aug. 1918. Includes also copies of telegrams between Crewe and E.S. Montagu, Jan.-Feb. 1913. (All these copies are on numbered pages. There is no page 38.)


  • Creation: 1892-1927


223 Leaves

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Asquith 46