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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda on the Irish Question, 1914-1915

MS. Asquith 41
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fol. 1) Papers, chiefly official telegrams, on the Larne gun-running, Apr. 1914 with one relevant paper of June 1913
  2. (fol. 87) 'Memorandum and Tables of suggested allocation of legislative powers' in a scheme of general devolution or 'Home-Rule-all-round' by J.A. Murray MacDonald; a memorandum by [?Lord] Charnwood commenting on this; and an undated, unsigned paper headed 'Legislative Authority' regarding the powers to be given to an Irish parliament; May 1914 and n.d.
  3. (fol. 111) Papers relating to the Howth gun-running, and especially the action of W.V. Harrel in connection therewith, Sept. 1914-July 1916, with copies of correspondence of July 1914-Jan. 1915
  4. (fol. 149) A twenty-page memorandum (apparently by Sir Maurice Bonham Carter) on the parliamentary aspect of the Irish question, 1914-16. Two pages are devoted to the Home Rule Bill in Aug. and Sept. 1914; the rest to the 1916 rising and particularly the Lloyd George negotiations and cabinet dissensions which followed it; Aug. 1914-July 1916
  5. (fol. 169) Memoranda on the question of recruiting as related to Ireland - comprising memoranda on the number of Ulstermen capable of bearing arms; recruiting in southern Ireland (written by John Redmond and E.S. Montagu); Irish National Volunteers and home defence (by Redmond); status of the Irish Volunteer (by Simon); conscription (press cutting of speech by Lord Wimborne); Oct.(?) 1914-Nov.(?) 1915
  6. (fol. 194) Memoranda and correspondence between A. Loewenstein and Sir Edward Carson about possible supply of rifles from Ulster for the Belgian army, Sept.-Nov. 1915


  • Creation: 1914-1915


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MS. Asquith 41