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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda on the Irish Question, 1912-1913

MS. Asquith 38
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fol. 1) Two printed papers circulated by Birrell; one consisting of reports on probable resistance to Home Rule, the other of a letter by Sir David Harrel on Ulster attitudes towards Home Rule, Feb. 1912
  2. (fol. 10) Letters and a memorandum concerning the constitutional position with regard to the use or omission of the King's effigy upon Irish postage stamps (attached is a parliamentary question and answer about the competence of the Irish parliament to eliminate the cross of St. Patrick from the Union Jack, May 1912
  3. (fol. 20) Memorandum by Sir John Simon entitled 'Power to prevent carriage of arms etc. to Ulster', Nov. 1913
  4. (fol. 32) Letters and papers relating to the Government of Ireland Bill (1912) and matters arising from it (except the Curragh incident and the Larne and Howth gun-running which are included in MSS. Asquith 40 and 41 - see below) including a number of memoranda by Lord Loreburn, Herbert Samuel, Sir John Simon and others suggesting solutions to problems raised by the Bill; Asquith's two memoranda for the King (printed in Spender and Asquith ii, 29-34); letters from the King (for others see MSS. Asquith 3 and 4), Birrell, Carson, Churchill, Bonar Law and others; maps and population statistics of Ulster; and papers relating to the Speaker's intervention, the Buckingham Palace Conference, and the passage of the Bill after the outbreak of the War (some of these papers were numbered, probably by Asquith himself: this numeration has been disregarded in the few instances in which it is contrary to chronological order). A group of papers, (a) relating to parliamentary questions on matters arising from the Bill, (b) containing quotations from debates on it, (c) relating to the 1893 Bill, has been put at the end. There are a few papers of 1912, but most are of July 1913-Aug. 1914. The papers of Apr. 1912-Oct. 1913 are in this volume (see also entry for following volume)


  • Creation: 1912-1913


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MS. Asquith 38