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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda, 1916

MS. Asquith 30
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fol. 1) Dispatch from Sir Rennell Rodd at Rome, chiefly on the effects of Asquith's visit there, Apr. 1916
  2. (fol. 5) Memoranda by Lord Derby and Walter Long on the position of married men unfairly induced to attest for military service, Apr. 1916
  3. (fol. 16) Proposals by N. Pemberton-Billing, M.P., for the reorganisation of the air services, Apr.1916
  4. (fol. 28) Memorandum by Austen Chamberlain on compulsory military service, Apr. 1916
  5. (fol. 32) Various letters and enclosures relating to recruiting, especially 'combing out' of badged men and retention of time-expired regulars, Apr. 1916
  6. (fol. 50) Resolution of Liberal M.P.s on necessity of Asquith's continuance as Prime Minister, Apr. 1916
  7. (fol. 55) Provisional report of the committee on civil liabilities of men joining the forces, Apr. 1916
  8. (fol. 62) Papers on compulsion (presumably connected with his secret session speech of 25 Apr.1916, - see MS. Asquith 49, fol. 185) including a compilation of Asquith's statements on the subject, Apr. 1916
  9. (fol. 70) Papers relating to the U.S. government's protest against seizure of Germans from the American steamer China, Apr. 1916
  10. (fol. 78) Memorandum by Lord Robert Cecil urging the resignation of the government, Apr. 1916
  11. (fol. 82) Asquith's notes for his statement to the House of Commons on compulsory military service, May 1916
  12. (fol. 95) Memorandum on air services by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, May 1916
  13. (fol. 103) Letters of Balfour and Grey on need to present the English view of the Irish rising to the U.S.A., May 1916
  14. (fol. 107) Stock letter in answer to charges of bad faith in connection with the pledges about widows' sons and military service, n.d.
  15. (fol. 109) Typewritten and printed quotations from speeches giving pledges against industrial conscription, n.d. (?late May 1916 or later).
  16. (fol. 116) Resolutions to be proposed by the British delegation to the Paris Economic Conference, together with a memorandum on the subject of the Conference for Asquith's guidance, June 1916
  17. (fol. 149) Papers relating to the French desire for an offensive from Salonika (see also MS. Asquith 16, fols. 189-90), June 1916
  18. (fol. 154) Report by Admiral Jellicoe on the loss of H.M.S. Hampshire with Lord Kitchener aboard, June 1916
  19. (fol. 159) Extract from a letter of Prince Ghika of the Roumanian parliament circulated by the General Staff, June 1916
  20. (fol. 162) Lloyd George's letter declining the Secretaryship of State for War, and a later memorandum by him on the financing of American contracts, June 1916
  21. (fol. 168) Notes by Asquith for a meeting of the Finance Committee, June 1916
  22. (fol. 172) Letters concerned chiefly with the composition of the Dardanelles and Mesopotamia Commissions, with some relating to evidence given before the former, July-Dec. 1916
  23. (fol. 210) Letters connected with the application of Sir Francis Vane to be appointed recruiting officer in Ireland, July-Nov. 1916
  24. (fol. 234) Letter and enclosure from Paul Hymans about German action against deposits of foreigners and refugees in Belgian banks, Aug. 1916
  25. (fol. 239) Letter from Lloyd George urging need of a special mission to Russia, Sept. 1916
  26. (fol. 243) Letter from Haig enclosing paper entitled, 'Observations on the Military Representation on the Governor General's Council [in India]', Also another paper giving reasons for the failure of the Indian army in Mesopotamia, Oct. 1916
  27. (fol. 254) Copies of correspondence between General Sir William Robertson and Lloyd George over the latter's alleged disregard of the former's advice. Attached there is also a letter from H. A. Gwynne to Asquith alleging 'a sort of plot' by Lloyd George and others to undermine Haig's position, Oct. 1916
  28. (fol. 265) Letters concerning a French request for an allotment of steel plates for shipbuilding, Nov. 1916.
  29. (fol. 271) A number of pieces of notepaper bearing jottings in Asquith's hand in an envelope marked 'War Committee Oct.'15-Dec.'16'. They appear to contain notes of decisions of the committee between those dates (the last noted is, in fact, 30 Nov. 1916),? Dec. 1916
  30. (fols. 281 and 283) Two undated papers, one on the military situation in Persia, the other apparently a record of a cabinet or war committee decision on the organization of the army in relation to manpower available


  • Creation: 1916


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MS. Asquith 30