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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda, 1915-1916

MS. Asquith 29

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  1. (fol. 1) Letters accepting or declining New Year Honours, Dec. 1915
  2. (fol. 157) Asquith's notes for his speech introducing the Military Service Bill, Jan. 1916. (See also MS. Asquith 82, fol. 81)
  3. (fol. 162) Documents about the War Trade Department and a summary of their contents by E.S. Montagu, Jan. 1916
  4. (fol. 203) Notes of a conversation with Venizelos circulated to the War Committee, Jan. 1916
  5. (fol. 208) Resolution of the Labour Party conference protesting against conscription, Jan. 1916
  6. (fol. 210) 'Notes on calling up of groups and classes' and statistics of recruiting, Feb. 1916
  7. (fol. 215) Memorandum by E.S. Montagu entitled 'Concerted action for Labour Supply, etc.', Mar.1916
  8. (fol. 219) Memorandum by Sir Hubert Llewellyn-Smith entitled 'Post-Bellum Tariff Policy and British Commercial Treaties', Mar. 1916
  9. (fol. 237) Minute from Sir Edward Grey asking for a meeting of the War Committee to consider President Wilson's attitude towards a conference to end the war, Mar. 1916
  10. (fol. 238) Correspondence with the exiled King Manoel of Portugal chiefly with regard to the Portuguese monarchists' attitude towards the war, Mar.-May 1916
  11. (fol. 252) Statistics of enlistments, Aug. 1914-Mar. 1916, Mar. 1916
  12. (fol. 253) Letters relating to the proposed establishment of an Imperial Economic Council, and also to the prohibition of the import of luxuries, Mar.-Apr. 1916
  13. (fol. 265) Memorandum by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu entitled 'Notes on Aircraft and Aircraft Defence', Mar. 1916
  14. (fol. 271) Memorandum on the finances of the Belgian Congo, Mar. 1916
  15. (fol. 275) Undated notes by Asquith on Salonika


  • Creation: 1915-1916


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Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Asquith 29