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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda, 1915

MS. Asquith 27
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fol. 1) Letters and memoranda about the related questions of the payment of the financial obligations of the Belgian government and the relief of starvation in Belgium, Feb. 1915.
  2. (fol. 28) 'Directions from the Cabinet Committee on Food Prices to the Transport Department, Admiralty', Feb. 1915
  3. (fol. 29) Papers by M.P.A. Hankey on need of a committee to co-ordinate Admiralty and War Office orders from armament firms taken over by the government, Mar. 1915
  4. (fol. 31) Memorandum by the Aga Khan on the post-war settlement of India, Mar. 1915
  5. (fol. 38) Memorandum by E.S. Montagu deprecating a Jewish state in Palestine, Mar. 1915
  6. (fol. 42) Memorandum by Sir John Bradbury entitled 'The War and Finance', Mar. [?1915]
  7. (fol. 53) Printed papers about negotiations between representatives of the government and of the trade unions on the subject of acceleration of production of war materials, etc., Mar.-June 1915
  8. (fol. 58) Letters and papers concerning the establishment of the committee on the supply of munitions, including a copy of a letter from Kitchener to Lloyd George, Mar.-Apr.1915
  9. (fol. 74) Long letter from Lord Charles Beresford on short-comings in the British Navy and Admiralty, with letter of Churchill and minute of Lord Fisher in reply, Apr. 1915
  10. (fol. 90) Letter (unsigned, but almost certainly by M.P.A. Hankey) to Fisher predicting likelihood of early large-scale German naval operations, Apr. 1915
  11. (fol. 93) Unsigned, undated paper on the folly of stripping Germany of all her colonies (was attached to the foregoing and may be of similar date)
  12. (fol. 100) Papers on the military situation in the Balkans and the Dardanelles expedition, including two letters from H.A. Gwynne on these and related subjects, Apr.-Oct. 1915
  13. (fol. 139) Letters, chiefly from Lord Fisher, and other papers about his resignation, May 1915
  14. (fol. 162) Letters and lists of appointments relating to the formation of the coalition government, May 1915.
  15. (fol. 245) Aide memoire prepared by M.P.A. Hankey about war in France and ammunition, for information of Asquith on his forthcoming meeting with Sir John French, with an inventory of ammunition in hand by French, also a note by Hankey asking questions about naval matters on behalf of Balfour, May 1915
  16. (fol. 252) Decypher of telegram from Sir Cecil Spring Rice about the American government's note to Germany on the Lusitania incident, June 1915
  17. (fol. 253) Memoranda by Churchill and Hankey on the formation of an Air Department, June 1915
  18. (fol. 263) Paper by Haig entitled 'Memorandum on the Strength of Force required for an Attack on a Front of 25 Miles', June 1915
  19. (fol. 266) Undated notes by Asquith on strategy on the Western Front, (?) June 1915


  • Creation: 1915


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MS. Asquith 27