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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda, 1911-1913

MS. Asquith 24
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fol. 1) Undated note on comparative British and German naval construction, 1906-1910, by Vincent Baddeley, (?) 1911
  2. (fol. 3) Letters of McKenna, Knollys and Bigge concerning the King's wish that Lord Charles Beresford should be made an Admiral of the Fleet, Jan. 1911
  3. (fol. 15) Memorandum by Haldane regarding the relations of the Dominions and the home government, Jan. 1911
  4. (fol. 21) Letters about the failure of the Birkbeck Bank, June 1911
  5. (fol. 33) Statement on the Moroccan question by Asquith in the House of Commons, July 1911
  6. (fol. 37) Papers concerning inclusion of 'deceased wife's sister' in table of kindred and affinity in a copy of the Prayer Book, Aug.-Dec. 1911
  7. (fol. 41) Letters and papers concerning the creation of a conciliation council for the settlement of trade disputes, Aug.-Sept. 1911
  8. (fol. 59) Papers relating to precedents for the King's absence abroad while in India, Aug. 1911
  9. (fol. 93) Miscellaneous papers relating to matters concerning the Committee of Imperial Defence, especially preparations against invasion, and the defence of Malta and Gibraltar, Sept. 1911-Feb. 1914
  10. (fol. 124) An unsigned memorandum about the state of banking and the National Debt in 1911, n.d. (?1912)
  11. (fol. 136) An Admiralty memorandum on increases in German naval construction and their effect upon the British construction programme for 1912-18, n.d. (?1912)
  12. (fol. 142) Draft note to the German government relative to the outcome of Lord Haldane's visit to Berlin, Mar. 1912
  13. (fol. 149) Miscellaneous papers relating to naval matters, including a letter from Prince Louis of Battenberg about the Russian navy, and correspondence between Winston Churchill and Robert Borden about Canada's contribution to naval defence, June-Sept. 1912.
  14. (fol. 180) Letters from Lord Aberdeen and Walter Runciman, with enclosures, about foot and mouth disease in Ireland, Sept. 1912
  15. (fol. 208) Papers relating to government purchases of silver through the firm of Samuel Montagu and Company, Nov. 1912
  16. (fol. 223) Printed report of part of Lord Crewe's speech of 4 Dec. 1912 about Bonar Law and Indian fiscal policy, with related papers and also a press cutting reporting Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson's speech of 17 Mar. 1913 on Indian tariffs, Dec. 1912-Mar.1913
  17. (fol. 229) Papers on matters arising from the Marconi enquiry, chiefly relating to answers to M.P.'s questions about implied similar transactions, Dec. 1912-July 1913
  18. (fol. 261) Memoranda relating to the land question, taxation, tenure, rents, use, labour, legislation etc., 1905-1913 (Found later, and added here for convenience)


  • Creation: 1911-1913


340 Leaves

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  • English


MS. Asquith 24