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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda, 1892-1908

MS. Asquith 19
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fol. 1) Memorandum on Irish revenue, Nov. 1892
  2. (fol. 3) Papers relating to Professor J.M.D. Meikeljohn's claim on the Treasury for unpaid salary as Professor of the theory and practice of teaching at St. Andrew's, Feb.-July 1895
  3. (fol. 29) Papers relating to Scottish affairs, chiefly about a controversy concerning the Largo Parochial Board; also one about the unpopularity in Scotland of certain aspects of Lord Tweedmouth's Fisheries Bill, Mar. 1895
  4. (fol. 37) Memorandum signed by Asquith, headed 'Ceding of Territory' and endorsed 'China 1898', Jan. 1898
  5. (fol. 48) Letter from A.C. Osler on Workmen's Compensation and Employers' Liability, with a memorandum on same, Jan. 1899
  6. (fol. 51) Letter and printed paper about the case of Colonel Kinloch and Second-lieut. Leveson-Gower, Feb. 1903. (For memoranda on land question, 1905-1913, see MS. Asquith 24, fol. 261)
  7. (fol. 57) 'Memo. of Points in Reference to the Transvaal Constitution' by General Jan C. Smuts, n.d. (?1906)
  8. (fol. 74) Miscellaneous letters to Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman from Lords Temple, Ripon and Dalmeny, W.H. Dickinson, F.D. Acland, Wilfred Lawson, Sir Courtenay Ilbert, Jan.-Apr. 1906; also one from the Speaker, James W. Lowther (about the lunacy of Herbert Paul), 21 July 1907
  9. (fol. 94) Letters to Arthur W.H. Ponsonby, chiefly about matters connected with the meeting of Parliament, Jan.-Feb. 1906 (including circular letters, announcing meetings of parliaments, of Salisbury, Gladstone and Campbell-Bannerman); also one about the naturalisation fee, 2 Dec. 1907.
  10. (fol. 127) Letters of George Whiteley and Lord Loveburn about complaints that Liberals are being unfairly treated in magisterial appointments in the counties, Nov.-Dec. 1906
  11. (fol. 133) Letters of thanks for copies of Asquith's rectorial address at Glasgow University, Jan.-Feb. 1907
  12. (fol. 170) Letters from Sir Edward W. Hamilton and Sir George H. Murray about future organisation of the Treasury, Sept.-Oct. 1907
  13. (fol. 188) Memorandum by Sir George Murray relative to 'raising the status' of the Board of Trade, with numerous enclosures (chiefly dating from 1904-1905), Dec. 1907
  14. (fol. 243) Letter from Lord Tweedmouth to Campbell-Bannerman and memorandum concerning reduction of the naval estimates of 1908, Feb. 1908
  15. (fol. 249) Copy of Kaiser Wilhelm II's letter to Lord Tweedmouth and of the latter's reply, Feb. 1908
  16. (fol. 253) Summary of letter to Sir Edward Grey about the sale of two battleships to Brazil (in Asquith's handwriting), n.d.
  17. (fol. 255) Papers (chiefly letters from Asquith to Edward VII and George V) concerning appointments to government office, Apr. 1908 - Oct. 1911
  18. (fol. 285) Letters and telegrams, chiefly from Winston Churchill, about the Irish issue in the North-west Manchester by-election of Apr. 1908. One also from Sir Francis Channing offering to place East Northamptonshire at Churchill's disposal after his defeat at Manchester
  19. (fol. 314) Letters and telegrams from Vaughan Nash about the death of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Apr. 1908


  • Creation: 1892-1908


334 Leaves

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Asquith 19