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Papers, 1917-1920

MS. Eng hist. c. 405
Held at the Weston Library

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Papers concerning the League to Enforce Peace, including:

  1. (fol. 1) paper entitled 'Draft of a League to Enforce Peace', n.d.
  2. (fol. 11) letter to Dickinson enclosing a copy of the plan of organisation of the League to Enforce Peace, 25 Jun 1917
  3. (fol. 17) revised draft of the plan for organisation, n.d.
  4. (fol. 21) revised draft, 8 Jun 1917
  5. (fol. 34) revised draft, 28 Jun 1917
  6. (fol. 49) notes on the plan for organisation, n.d.
  7. (fol. 59) letter to the Editor of the Daily News about the relations of the English societies and the League to Enforce Peace, [1918]

With (fol. 62) draft address to President Wilson, 25 Dec 1918

Papers concerning the acceptance of the draft covenant for a League of Nations by the Paris Conference, 1919, including:

  1. (fol. 67) memorandum prepared by the acting executive committee of the League of Nations Union 'The position of the League of Nations in the forthcoming Peace Conference', [1918]
  2. (fol. 71) Draft Sketch of a League of Nations, Paris, 14 Jan 1919
  3. (fol. 73) joint programme for the Paris conference agreed to by the national societies, Jan 1919
  4. (fol. 81) report on the draft convention by Lord Robert Cecil's advisory committee, 20 Jan 1919
  5. (fol. 86) minutes of the second meeting of the advisory committee, 25 Jan 1919
  6. (fol. 92) resolutions with regard to the draft covenant to be proposed by a congress of delegates of the allied societies for a League of Nations, n.d.
  7. (fol. 99) notes of meetings with neutral powers, and the consequent redraft of the covenant, n.d.
  8. (fol. 103) draft agreement for a League of Nations presented to the plenary interallied conference at Paris, 14 Feb 1919, with ammendments
  9. (fol. 129) letter from the Association Francaise pour la Societe des Nations announcing the ratification of the draft covenant at Paris, 30 May 1919
  10. (fol. 131) reservations approved by the Senate of the U. S. A. n.d.
  11. (fol. 133) plans submitted to a committee on post ratification work in New York, 21 Jan 1920
  12. (fol. 138) report in French and English of the London Conference, n.d.

Papers concerning the Brussels Conference, 1-3 Dec 1919, including:

  1. (fol. 147) Union of League of Nations Associations, suggested rules of procedure at international conference submitted by the League of Nations Union, n.d.
  2. (fol. 152) memorandum of interview with M. Bourgeois about the Brussels conference, 2 Aug 1919
  3. (fol. 155) proposed letter of invitation to the conference, and related papers, 6 Aug 1919
  4. (fol. 160) report on the conference by Dickinson
  5. (fol. 203) letter from the British delegation to Baron Descamp, president of the conference, 13 Dec 1919
  6. (fol. 236) minutes of the proceedings of the 1st. commission appointed by the conference, 1-3 Dec 1919
  7. (fol. 248) report of the commission, n.d.


  • Creation: 1917-1920

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MS. Eng hist. c. 405

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