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Dunn School: Notebook 17, Nov 2000-Jul 2001

MS. 12364/20

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Notebook covers experiments including:
  1. Experiment 678: Shows both 5' & 3' strands needed for transcripts by recombinant flu polymerase. Also the polymerase trimer is required; no activity with all 3 possible dimers.
  2. Experiment 680: Globin primer gives a signal.
  3. Experiment 687: Heat stability tests on wild type and various PA mutant-containing recombinant polymerases (with PA mutants prepared by Ervin Fodor and Mandy Crow).
  4. Experiment 698: Further experiments with Andrew Catchpole (DPhil student).
  5. Experiments 701, 715, 732, 742, 743, 744 etc.: Test if RNA protection against denaturation is dependent on panhandle formation with various RNA mutants, in base–paired regions and separately in the 5' and 3' hairpin loops.
  6. Many unsuccessful experiments attempting to demonstrate endonuclease cleavage activity of the recombinant flu polymerase (with Mike Leahy).


  • Nov 2000-Jul 2001


1 volume


MS. 12364/20

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