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Materials of, and concerning, the Lehfeldt family, c. 1811-1943

MS. Braun 92
Held in our offsite storage facility

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Personal documents, writings and memorabilia relating to the Lehfeldt family, including:

  1. Folder 1: Passport of Heinrich Jacoby, Luise Lehfeldt's father, Berlin, 1811; pages from the diary of Luise Jacoby, later Lehfeldt, 1826, with transcript, English translation by Hildburg Braun with annotations by Thomas Braun; pages from Luise Jacoby's autograph book with verses by her friends, c. 1825-1827.
  2. Folder 2: Personal documents and memorabilia relating to Joseph Lehfeldt and Luise Lehfeldt. Includes announcement of foundation stone ceremony for the Lehfeldt residence, 1843; Joseph Lehfeldt's death announcement, 1858; and an original file with documents relating to the administration of Joseph Lehfeldt's estate, 1858-1861. Also includes invitations, tickets and programmes for concerts, 1840s, and pages from an autograph book, 1831-1836, probably relating to Joseph Lehfeldt.
  3. Folder 3: Publications by, or relating to, Leonhard Lehfeldt. Includes publications by Leonhard Lehfeldt relating to Alsace-Lorraine: 'Unser wiedergewonnenes Land. Beiträge zur Kenntnis des deutschen Gebietes im Elsaß und in Lothringen', 1870; 'Die Verwaltungseinrichtungen von Elsaß und Lothringen', 1872; 'Die Fortschritte der Verwaltung in Elsaß und Lothringen', 1873; obituary for Leonhard Lehfeldt in Magazin für die Literatur des Auslandes, 1877, and an open letter 'Erinnerung an Leonhard Lehfeldt. Brief an den Geheimen Ober-Hofrath Dr. Paul Fischer' by Berthold Auerbach, published in Magazin für die Literatur des Auslandes, 1877.
  4. Folder 4: 'Erzählungen, Märchen & Gedichte von Paul Lehfeldt' - book containing handwritten verse, anecdotes and other writings by Paul Lehfeldt, c. 1860-1895.
  5. Folder 5: Materials relating to 'Zwanglose Gesellschaft', Berlin, a literary society Paul Lehfeldt was a member of, 1884-1898. Includes a handpainted wedding card for Paul Lehfeldt and Bertha Mühl, 1884; invitations and printed verse for Zwanglose Gesellschaft meetings and festivities, 1890-1898, and a booklet 'Chronik der Zwanglosen 1884-1894', 1894.
  6. Folder 6: Correspondence and memorabilia relating to various Lehfeldt family members, 1896-1943 and n.d. Includes: verses for the wedding of Johannes Feig and Rose Lehfeldt, 1896, transcript of a letter from Johannes Feig to Rose Feig with remarks on the political situation in Germany, Oct 1918; photocopies of correspondence relating to the administration of the estates of Gustav Lehfeldt and Ernst Lehfeldt, 1942-1943; verses for the wedding of Paul Heermann and Josephine Lehfeldt, 1909; verses by various family members for Josephine Heermann's 60th birthday, 1934; photocopies of pages from Elisabeth Lehfeldt's autograph book with verses and drawings from family members and friends, including Felix, Hildegard and Gertrud Friedmann, Bernhard and Josephine Lehfeldt, Paul Meyerheim and Max Bruch, 1906-1918; Gustav Lehfeldt's visiting card, 1885; autograph and painting of the actor Otto Lehfeld, Weimar, 1865; illustrated music sheet 'Canon für 4 Frauen oder 4 Männer' by Siegfried Ochs, n.d.: programme for festivities after the Franco-Prussian War, 'Programm für das Bezirks-Fest der feierlichen Bewirthung unserer siegreich heimgekehrten Truppen', 1871; price list of a wine merchant 'Prix-Courant pour le commerce en gros en vins de J.G. Deuringer', Augsburg, n.d.; handwritten prayer [by Clara Lehfeldt?], n.d.; drawing of Gut Lehfelde 'Lehfelde 10.-17.10.1890' by Paul Lehfeldt, part missing, 1890.
  7. Folder 7: Manuscripts of religious texts 'III Psalm' and 'Psalm XVI', n.d, and 'Die Religion, eine innere Heimat, bei Gelegenheit der Confirmation einiger Schülerinnen gesprochen 3. April 1828. Found with the Lehfeldt papers but relation to family unclear. ',


  • Creation: c. 1811-1943


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MS. Braun 92

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