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Correspondence and memorabilia of ancestors, 1685-1899

MS. Braun 108
Held in our offsite storage facility

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Correspondence, personal documents and other memorabilia of Weber ancestors collected by Heinrich Weber, including:

  1. Folder 1: 'Anschreibebuch meiner Ausgaben Anno 1685 angefangen von Jochim Weber P.', transcript, n.d., of pastor Joachim Weber's (?1645-1711) account book, 1685-1702. Includes photocopy of one page of the account book showing original size and handwriting.
  2. Folder 2: Joachim Christoph Bernhard Weber's (1786-1859) correspondence, letters received from Heinrich Ludwig Lobeck, 1809-1831.
  3. Folder 3: Joachim Christoph Bernhard Weber's (1785-1859) correspondence, letters received 1809, 1811.
  4. Folder 4: Joachim Christoph Bernhard Weber's (1785-1859) correspondence and memorabilia. Includes a letter to Sophie Saniter, letters to parents, 1811, 1812 and 1825, letters to [Heinrich Ludwig] Lobeck, 1823 and 1826, transcript of a letter to Heinrich Busse, 1835, relating to religion and faith, photocopies of verse for silver wedding with Sophie Weber née Saniter, 1837, photocopy of passport, 1819, Saniter & Weber company letterhead, 'Auszug aus dem Rostocker Ratswahlbuch 1567-1871' excerpts from city council records of Rostock referring to Weber's activities as a senator.
  5. Folder 5: Correspondence and other memorabilia of various Weber ancestors including: photocopy and transcript of Christoph Nicolas Sohst's will, 1783, photocopy of a letter to Amtshauptmann Joachim Heinrich Weber, 1814, letter by Eliza [Lobeck, née Clark] to Mrs. Weber, 1830, copy of Hamburger Tageblatt, 19. Juli 1852, documents relating to the engagement and marriage of Joachim Bernhard Weber to Anna Sophie Busse, 1855, letter praising Anna [?Sophie Busse]'s baking skills, 1857, paper ornament 'Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum neuen Jahre' autographed by Hedwig [Weber] for her parents [Joachim Hermann Weber and Adelheid Weber née Nizze] 1 Jan 1859, letter Fritz Reuter to Auguste Nizze, 1864, with transcript, letter Luise Reuter to Franziska Weber, 1866, with transcript, transcript of correspondence between Auguste Nizze née Weber and her husband Reinhold Nizze, 1870, transcript of correspondence between Ludwig Weber, his wife Auguste and their children Luise and Gustav, 1838-1873, (pp.1-4 missing), a letter and a poem L. Weber to Onkel Wilhelm, 1895 and 1899.
  6. Folder 6: Transcripts of letters and diaries by Jeannette Weber née von Krug: 'Die Briefe der Jeannette Weber geb. v. Krug 1806-1822' with handwritten list 'Inhaltsverzeichnis zu den Briefen der Jeannette Weber'; 'Reisetagebücher der Professorin Jeannette Weber geb. v. Krug 1815'; 'Tagebuch meiner Badefahrt nach Travemünde (1823) von Jeannette Weber geb. v. Krug'. Labels and lists in Heinrich Weber's hand.


  • Creation: 1685-1899


1 box (6 folders)

Language of Materials

  • German


MS. Braun 108