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Miscellaneous papers and correspondence, 1868-70

MS. Clar. dep. c. 510
Held at the Weston Library

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Folder 1

  1. 18 Aug. 1869, Col. Showers to Clarendon. Affairs in China.
  2. 18 Mar. 1870, Lord Stanhope to Clarendon. Motley's anger at not being invited to meet the Queen of Holland.
  3. 8 Apr. 1870, Clarendon to Stanhope. Sending letter (not here) from Aali Pascha concerning the walls at Constantinople.
  4. 9 Apr. 1870, Stanhope to Clarendon. Reply to Clarendon's of 8 Apr.
  5. 16 Nov. 1869, Benjamin Rush to Clarendon. Pride in honour done by England to Mr. Peabody's remains.
  6. 6 Mar. 1869, Lord St. Leonards to Clarendon, sending letter in The Times signed 'SL' (not here) vindicating British neutrality in American war
  7. Undated, note by St. Leonards about the above letter in The Times and the contents of the letter
  8. 26 Nov. 1869, Mr. Hamilton to Clarendon. Irish land.
  9. 17 May 1870, two letters Jacob Bright to Clarendon. Interview for Mr. Bigelow (concerning U.S.A.).
  10. 18 May 1870, Lord Chichester to Clarendon. Christian Conference in New York.
  11. Oct.-Nov. 1869, Sir J. Dombrain to Clarendon. Irish land and Irish affairs.
  12. 15 Nov. 1869, Mr. W. Butt to Clarendon. Railway construction in India.
  13. 20 Nov. 1869, minute by Clarendon concerning Butt's letter
  14. 19 Apr. 1870, Mr. Montague Bernard to Clarendon. Thanks for appreciation of his book.
  15. 19 June 1870, Mr. Montague Bernard to Clarendon. Concerning criticisms of his book in the 'Nation' (dated All Souls).
  16. 21 Apr. 1870, Lord Athlumney to Clarendon. Prospects of Land Bill.
  17. 6 June 1870, Dean Warburton to Clarendon. Public feeling in Ireland concerning Land Bill - and Warburton thinks Gladstone should recognise his services.
  18. 12 Oct. 1869, Dean Warburton to Clarendon. State of Ireland.
  19. 8 Apr. 1870, Mr. Hepworth Dixon to Clarendon: seeks permission to send copy of 'Free Russia' to Emperor via Sir A. Buchanan
  20. 28 Dec. 1868, Lord Denbigh to Clarendon: the Cretan rebellion
  21. 10 July 1869, Sr. Ballesteros to Clarendon, see below
  22. 18 June 1869, Mr. A. Kinnaird to Clarendon. Concerning interview for Ballesteros to give information about Spain.
  23. 19 June 1869, Dr. Rule to Clarendon: interview for Ballesteros
  24. 8 Mar. 1870, Clarendon to Mr. Headlam. Copy. Inexpedient at present to send Sir L. Mallet or anyone else to attend Committee of Enquiry in Paris.
  25. 18 Apr. 1870, Mr. W.V. Harcourt to Clarendon. Praise of Montague Bernard's book.
  26. 22 Apr. 1870, Mr. W.V. Harcourt to Clarendon. Naturalisation Bill.
  27. 11 June 1869, Sir Francis Head to Clarendon. Offers to substantiate statements he made in The Times (concerning American/Canadian disputes). [Head administered Govt. of the Upper Province (Canada) 1837-8.]
  28. 23 June 1869, ditto.
  29. 11 May 1870, extract from letter by Dr. Henry. Medical Examination of students.
  30. 11 May 1870, Dr. Henry to Clarendon. Suggestion concerning Medical Bill.
  31. 18 Dec. 1868, Mr. Hughes MP to Clarendon. Danger of concession of Telegraph Monopoly in Egypt.
  32. 12 Nov. 1869, Clarendon to Mr. Ward Hunt (Copy). Government cannot recommend Ferry Boat scheme to French government
  33. 24 Oct. 1869, Laicus to Clarendon. Irish land bill.
  34. 19 Feb. 1869, La Monet to Clarendon. Wants Thornton's good offices to counteract intrigues against his Cable Company.
  35. 28 Mar. 1869, La Monet to Clarendon. Thanks for Thornton's actions respecting French Cable Company.
  36. 22 Dec. 1869, Lord Milton to Clarendon. San Juan Water Boundary (between Canada and U.S.A.).
  37. July 1868, Livingstone to Clarendon. From Central Africa. [Printed at F.O., 8 Nov. 1869.]
  38. 9 Dec. 1868, Sir R. Murchison to Clarendon. Zanzibar envoys want to be presented to the Queen.
  39. 20 Dec. 1868, ditto, enclosing General Rigby's account of Queen's reception of the Zanzibar envoys
  40. 2 Nov. 1869, ditto, enquiring whether any despatches received at F.O. from Livingstone
  41. 10 Nov. 1869, ditto. Central Africa.
  42. 14 Mar. 1870, ditto. Livingstone.
  43. 14 Mar. 1870, ditto. News of spread of cholera from Zanzibar towards Livingstone's position.
  44. 27 Mar. 1870, ditto. Dr. Livingstone in need of men, money and stores.
  45. 19 May 1870, Clarendon to Sir R. Murchison concerning supplies and money for Dr. Livingstone.

(Several of the above have ACTION minutes on them by Clarendon and his officials, and in most cases they have the F.O. resumé on the back.)

Folder 2

  1. 17 Nov. 1868, Lytton to Clarendon. Crampton's impending resignation.
  2. 13 Apr. 1869, Leopold March to Clarendon. Enclosing translation of pamphlet in favour of Montpensier's claims to the Spanish crown.
  3. 6 May 1870, draft of a Bill 'To amend the Law relating to procedure at Parliamentary elections, and for other purposes.' (PRINTED)
  4. 5 Mar. 1870, memorandum by Portuguese Legation on changes in the Alcoholic Test (which seemed to favour France at expense of Portugal).
  5. 30 Oct. 1869, article in 'Economist' on Refunding of American Debts
  6. 14 Feb. 1870, Public Schools Commission. The new Statute for Harrow.
  7. 3 Mar. 1870, obituary of Mr. Anson Burlingame (the American diplomatist) in the 'Cosmopolitan' (of 3 Mar. 1870)


  • Creation: 1868-70


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MS. Clar. dep. c. 510

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