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Barack Obama (Democratic), 2008

MSS. Amer. s. 33 / 50

One hundred and eleven buttons:

  1. Thirteen buttons with variations on the words: "Barack Obama for President 2008" (one with image of Martin Luther King)
  2. "Barack" and "Obama"
  3. "Obama" (three styles)
  4. "Yes we can! Obama 08"
  5. "Keep hope alive. Obama President 2008"
  6. "Vote for change. Obama 08"
  7. "Change we can believe in", 22 Apr. 2008
  8. "A new generation for America. Barack Obama for President 2008"
  9. "In the tradition of Camelot. Obama 08" (with image of the Kennedys)
  10. "Barack Obama. A profile in courage"
  11. "I have a dream. 50 blue states!"
  12. "Fulfilling the dream. Barack Obama 2008" (with image of Martin Luther King)
  13. "Together we can change America!"
  14. "Obama welcomes Democrats to the West", Aug. 2008
  15. "Barack Obama. Vote Democratic"
  16. "Obama Mania"
  17. "Our next President welcomes you to Denver 2008"
  18. "Yes we can. Victory. Nov 4th 2008"
  19. "I have a dream. The dream lives on. August 28th 1963. August 28th 2008"
  20. "Ask me how to volunteer for Obama 08"
  21. "The dream realized 2008"
  22. "Rural Americans for Obama"
  23. "Georgia peach. Obama 08"
  24. "New York loves Obama, Democratic National Convention, Denver, Colorado", Aug. 2008
  25. "Texans for Obama"
  26. "Iowans for Obama"
  27. "Michiganders for Obama"
  28. "Californians for Obama"
  29. "Southerners for Obama. Super Tuesday", 5 Feb. 2008
  30. "Democrats in the Heights 4 Obama"
  31. "Ohio. Obama 2008", 4 Mar. 2008
  32. "North Carolina. Obama 2008", 6 May 2008
  33. "Independents for Obama"
  34. "Republicans for Obama"
  35. "Obama 08. Hy Vong"
  36. "Progressive Catholics for Obama"
  37. "UA supports Obama" (pipefitters, service techs, steamfitters, sprinklerfitters and plumbers)
  38. "NEA for Obama 08. Education votes" (National Education Association)
  39. "Labor for Obama" (two styles)
  40. "Soccer moms for Obama"
  41. "Obama Mama"
  42. "White older women 4 Obama"
  43. "Book lovers for Obama"
  44. "The stars shine on Barack Obama in 2008" (with image of Scarlett Johansson, Stevie Wonder, George Clooney, Will Smith, Harry Conick Jr. and Macy Grey)
  45. "Healthcare for all. Obama 08"
  46. "Protecting our environment. Obama 08" (two styles)
  47. "Obama Biden" (nine styles, some include the year)
  48. "It's the economy. Obama-Biden"
  49. "Obama-Biden...fired up and ready to vote"
  50. "Change for the better"
  51. "Obama-Biden 4 Thanksgiving. McCain-Palin 4 Halloween"
  52. "Now we're talkin'. Change"
  53. "Restoring America's economy" (two styles)
  54. "Change we can believe in. Obama-Biden" (two styles)
  55. "Election night Victory. President Barack Obama. Vice President Joseph Biden", 4 Nov. 2008
  56. "Delaware. Proud to be the home of the next Vice President"
  57. "Catholics for Obama-Biden"
  58. "I'm an Obama-Biden kid"
  59. "Change we can believe in. Obama-Biden 2008" (two styles, with image of Obama, Biden and their wives)
  60. "America's First Family. Hope. Action. Change", 4 Nov. 2008
  61. "Move over George and Laura. Here come Barack and Michelle"
  62. "Barack the night away with Obama"
  63. "Restoring Faith in America"
  64. "Meet America's next President and First Lady"
  65. "America's next First Families" (Democratic National Convention)
  66. "The team for New York and America" (Democratic National Convention)
  67. "Pennsylvania's team for America"
  68. "Obama-Casey in 2008"
  69. "Obama-Edwards 2008"
  70. "Obama-McCaskill 2008"
  71. "The team for America. Obama for President. Rangel for Congress"
  72. "Obama-Richardson 2008"
  73. "Obama-Sebelius 2008"
  74. "Obama-Webb. That's the ticket! 2008"
  75. "Texas showdown" (with image of Obama and Clinton), 21 Feb. 2008
  76. "Victory. Yes we can (with image of Obama and Clinton), 4 Nov. 2008
  77. "Divided we fall" (with image of Obama and Clinton)
  78. "I, Barack Obama, do solemnly swear..." (inauguration button with images of former Presidents)
  79. "We have climbed the mountain" (inauguration button with image of Martin Luther King)
  80. "A birth of new freedom. Lincoln born 1809. 200 years later Obama inaugurated. Jan. 20, 2009" (with quote by, and image of Abraham Lincoln)
  81. "A President for all America" (inauguration button)
  82. "Not red states or blue states...'United States'" (inauguration button)
  83. "A new day's dawning! President Barack Obama. Vice-President Joe Biden" (inauguration button)
  84. "America's First Couple. The Obamas' Inaugural" (inauguration button)
  85. "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind!" (inauguration button)
  86. "World Premiere" (inauguration button)

and anti-Obama button: "Nope".


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MSS. Amer. s. 33 / 50

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