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Printed items, some by Johnson, 1912-1957

MS. Johnson d. 15/1-13
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (MS. Johnson d. 15/1) Oxford and Industrial Education considered as a foundation of the Beveridge Pan, 1943.
  2. (MS. Johnson d. 15/2) An Appeal made on Commemoration Day June 1938 by John Johnson, Printer to the University of Oxford
  3. (MS. Johnson d. 15/3) A New Gnomologium: with some Remarks on Gnomic Anthologies, II, reprinted from The Classic Quarterly, N.S. Vol. I nos. 1 and 2, April 1951.
  4. (MS. Johnson d. 15/4) Catalogue of Exhibition of Antiquities found by the Officers of the Egypt Exploration Fund found ar Abydos and Atfieh exhibited King's College, Strand. July 8th to July 20th, 1912.
  5. (MS. Johnson d. 15/5) A botanical Papyrus with illustration, J. de M. Johnson, 1913.
  6. (MS. Johnson d. 15/6) Three Fayûm Papyri, J. Barns, 1949.
  7. (MS. Johnson d. 15/7) Literary Texts from the Fayûm, reprinted from The Classical Quaterly, Vol. XLIII nos. 1 and 2, Jan.-April 1949.
  8. (MS. Johnson d. 15/8) On the Foundation of Actian Games, reprinted from The Classical Quaterly, Vol. XLIV nos 3 and 4, July-Oct. 1950.
  9. (MS. Johnson d. 15/9) Antinoe and its Papyri, J. de M. Johnson, 1914.
  10. (MS. Johnson d. 15/10) The Oxford Magazine, Vol. LXXV no. 4, Nov. 1956. Contains an obituary to Johnson.
  11. (MS. Johnson d. 15/11) The Bodleian Library Record, Vol. VI no. 1, Oct. 1957. Contains an obituary to Johnson.
  12. (MS. Johnson d. 15/12) Members circular of the British Federation of Master Printers, Vol. 45 no. 9, Sep. 1946.
  13. (MS. Johnson d. 15/13) The Periodical, Nov. 1946.


  • Creation: 1912-1957


13 items

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Johnson d. 15/1-13