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Correspondence, 1905-1958

MS. 11632/1

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Letters to Sir Alexander Kaye Butterworth, 1912-1943
  1. *16 Aug 1912, photo-postcard of men’s Morris side (including George Butterworth) from George Butterworth describing activities at the Summer School as part of the annual Summer Festival at Stratford-upon-Avon
  2. *24 Nov 1913, ‘Good news’ telegram, from George Butterworth in response to his father’s letter about Sir Alexander’s intentions towards Mrs Mavor
  3. *24 Nov 1913, letter from George written on the same day as the telegram (above) in response to Sir Alexander’s letter about his intentions towards Mrs Mavor
  4. 22 Nov 1921, letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams mentioning Sir Hugh Allen and the Gervase Elwes fund [VWL5136]
  5. 29 Aug 1923, letter from Ralph Vaughan Williams re permission for one of George Butterworth’s works to be arranged by a third party, with a note that R.O. Morris, Butterworth’s close friend from York, Oxford and war years is ‘slightly against’ it [VWL4967].
  6. *25 Mar 1936, from Hugh P. Allen considering a possible performance of George’s work(s) at a summer concert
  7. 11 Nov 1937, letter from Lionel M. Angus-Butterworth apologising for not checking the proof of the Butterworth family pedigree (with enclosed letter to Dr J. R. Ashworth, who was involved in producing it and two pages of ‘Pedigree of Butterworth of Belfield’).
  8. 30 Nov 1937, letter from Lionel M. Angus-Butterworth (commenting on the likely incorrectness of making Rev John Butterworth the son of Henry Butterworth, with a letter from Irene Morris to Miss Baddeley, 18 Jan 1938, making the connection
  9. 25 Jan 1938, letter from John Lund explaining baptismal and burial entries in the Goodshaw church’s register relating to John Butterworth of Coventry
  10. 21 Apr 1938, letter from Lionel M. Angus-Butterworth reporting on success of the concert of George Butterworth’s works in Rochdale and confirming the date of John Randal Butterworth’s baptism in 1727 as almost certain, with partial MS Pedigree of the Butterworth family
  11. 24 May 1943 and 28 Jun 1943, 2 letters, from Sir Malcolm Sargent re Appeal proposed by Sir Alexander. The first letter offers regrets for not be able to make it; second, to be ‘very happy and honoured’ to have done so
Letters to Lady Butterworth, 1914-1958
  1. *28 Feb 1914, from George Butterworth re concerts of his compositions in London, ‘Rhapsody: A Shropshire lad’ and ‘The banks of green willow’
  2. 12 Aug 1916-9 Oct 1916, 6 letters of condolence, mainly from family
  3. **11 Jan 1922, 3 May 1922 and 28 Jun 1922, 3 letters from Edmund Blunden re Leigh Hunt whose biography Blunden was planning to write, but never completed
  4. 28 Jul 1922, letter written on behalf of the Headmaster of Christ’s Hospital School thanking Lady Butterworth for donating a portrait of Leigh Hunt
  5. 4 Sep 1922, letter from Humphrey Milford suggesting that Alexander Mitchell writes about Leigh Hunt rather than him
  6. 8 Sep 1922, letter from Alex Mitchell thanking Lady Butterworth for the opportunity to view Leigh Hunt’s unpublished play and some portraits of him
  7. 14 Jul 1958, letter from Gerald Moore saying that George Butterworth was not known to him personally, but he has ’always loved his compositions’
Letters to George Butterworth, 1911-1913
  1. *11 Jul 1911, from Hubert Parry offering positive comments about George Butterworth’s songs sent to Parry and encouragement to publish more than the number sent
  2. *22 Nov 1913, from Alexander Kaye Butterworth: draft pencil copy of a letter explaining the feelings and intentions towards Mrs Dorothea Mavor, whom he eventually married 26 Jan 1916. The actual letter is not known to have survived
  3. *30 Nov 1913, from Alexander Kaye Butterworth continuing the positive dialog about himself and Mrs Dorothea Mavor
Letters to Miss Dorothea Mavor, Lady Butterworth’s daughter, 1922-1923
  1. **28 Jun 1922, 4 Jul 1922, 2 Sep 1922, 7 Sep 1922, 14 Sep 1922, 5 Mar 1923 and 30 Apr 1923, 7 letters from Edmund Blunden re auctions of Leigh Hunt’s manuscripts and a portrait of Leigh Hunt, later donated to the Christ’s Hospital School; also including a list of works by Thornton Hunt, Leigh Hunt’s son
Letter to people outside the family, 1905
  1. *22 Mar 1905, from George Butterworth to W.S. Hannam, the joint steward of the London Symphony Orchestra, about borrowed scores for the concert on 21 Mar 1905, on which he also comments


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