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Education, Higher -- Ghana

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

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Higher Education in Anglophone Tropical Africa

Memoranda, reports, letters and other papers on university and college education, chiefly relating to the universities of Makerere (Uganda), Ibadan (Nigeria), Dar es Salaam (Tanganyika/Tanzania), Legon (Gold Coast/Ghana) and Salisbury/Harare (Rhodesia/Zimbabwe), [1924-1984].
Extents: 86 boxes
Dates: [1924-1984]

Memoranda of Professor Alan H. and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ward, 1933-1971, [1978-1984]

Experiences at the Universities of Ghana, Zambia and Swaziland, with related papers, 1933-1971, [1978-1984].
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 1825 (123) (Boxes LXXX-LXXXII)
Extents: 3 boxes
Dates: 1933-1971, [1978-1984]

Memorandum of Professor Thomas A. Dunn, [1953-1965], [1978-1984]

Memorandum on teaching English at the Universities of Ghana and Lagos, with related material, [1953-1965], [1978-1984].
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 1825 (28) (Box IX)
Extents: 154 ff., 8 items
Dates: [1953-1965], [1978-1984]

Memorandum of Revd. William Scott Robertson, 1957-1973, [1978-1984]

Memorandum on teaching Divinity and as Dean of Students, Dar es Salaam, with related material, 1957-1973, [1978-1984].
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 1825 (97) (Box LVIII)
Extents: 8 Files
Dates: 1957-1973, [1978-1984]

Memorandum of Robert H.F. Dalton, 1952-1963, [1978-1984]

Experiences in the Education Department of the University College of Ghana, with notes and teaching papers, 1952-1963, [1978-1984].
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 1825 (22) (Box VII)
Extents: 74 ff., 3 items
Dates: 1952-1963, [1978-1984]

Papers of Miss A. Elise Walker, 1948-1962, [1978-1984]

Papers as first Librarian, University College of Ghana, 1948-1962, [1978-1984].
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 1825 (121) (Box LXXIX)
Extents: 3 Files
Dates: 1948-1962, [1978-1984]

Papers of Sir Arthur Vick, 1959-[1984]

Papers as Chairman of the Ghana Universities Visiting Committee, and member of the council of the University of Cape Coast, 1959-[1984] (includes some copies).
Shelfmark: MSS. Afr. s. 1825 (117) (Boxes LXXV-LXXVII)
Extents: 3 boxes
Dates: 1959-[1984]