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France -- Description and travel

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 21 Collections and/or Records:

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Account of a car journey through France by Cuthbert Burgoyne

Account of a car journey through France by Cuthbert Burgoyne, 1924.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. d. 2973
Extents: 203 Leaves
Dates: 5 Sept. -5 Oct. 1924

Accounts of Holiday Journeys by Dorothy M. Frost

Typescript accounts by Dorothy M. Frost of holiday journeys to the north of England and Scotland, 1929; Germany, Italy and France, 1931, and Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and France, 1933.
Extents: 3 shelfmarks
Dates: 1929-1933

Archive of Frederick Sylvester North Douglas, MP for Banbury

Correspondence, journals and papers of Frederick Sylvester North Douglas (1791-1819), MP for Banbury 1812-19.
Extents: 4.35 Linear metres (29 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: Mainly 1805-19

Archive of Robert Finch

Archive of Robert Finch (1783-1830).
Extents: 5.95 Linear metres (81 boxes)
Dates: 12th-19th century

Archive of Robert Hudson and William Cotton

Travel journals and related papers of Robert Hudson, 1818-1841, and autobiography of William Cotton, 1860.
Extents: 2.1 Linear metres (14 physical shelfmarks)
Dates: 1818-1860
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'A Description of Fraunce', expertly copied in secretary and italic hands with marginal ruling, etc., in red ink

'A Description of Fraunce', expertly copied in secretary and italic hands.
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. misc. e. 859
Extents: 68 Leaves
Dates: Early 17th cent.

Diaries of C.H. Hawes

Diaries, with transcripts, of C.H. Hawes, relating to tours of: France, Belgium and Switzerland, 1897-8 The Far East: India, Burma, Ceylon, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Siberia and Sakhalin, 1900-1 Greece, Turkey and Crete, 1904-5 Crete, 1909 The collection also contains an account book and…
Extents: 28 shelfmarks
Dates: [c.1887]-1935

Diaries of Tours Abroad by the Lee-Warner Family

Diaries of tours abroad, consisting of: Diary, possibly by a member of the Lee-Warner family, of a tour in Switzerland (volume 5 only, of 6 or more), August-September 1802 Diary of a tour in France (mainly Paris) and Italy (mainly Rome and Naples), December 1860-May 1861, compiled by eleven persons, including seven members of the Lee-Warner family, with a few photographs inserted …
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1802, 1860-1861
Single Item

Diary of a tour made by an Italian

Diary of a tour made by an Italian, written in A.D. 1725.
Shelfmark: MS. Add. A. 271
Extents: 71 Leaves
Dates: written in A.D. 1725
Single Item

Journal kept by Mr Tracy and Mr Dentand, during their Travels through France and Italy

Journal kept by Mr Tracy and Mr Dentand, during their Travels through France and Italy, written in or soon after A.D. 1767.
Shelfmark: MS. Add. A. 366
Extents: 82 Leaves
Dates: written in or soon after A.D. 1767

Journal of a Tour in France, Switzerland and Italy by John Pye Smith

Journal of a tour in France, Switzerland and Italy by John Pye Smith (1774-1851), July-Sept. 1816. Fair copy by him of slightly reversed text, with a few later notes; briefly quoted in John Medway, Memoirs of the life and writing of John Pye Smith (London, 1853).
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1816
Single Item

A journal of a tour made by an Italian

A journal of a tour made by an Italian, written in about A.D. 1680-1690.
Shelfmark: MS. Add. C. 221
Extents: 93 Leaves
Dates: written in about A.D. 1680-1690

Journals of Travels with Samuel Rogers

Journals of travels with Samuel Rogers, consisting of: Journal of Sarah Rogers, sister of Samuel, in France and Switzerland, 1821, and travelling through Belgium, 1827 Journal of Mary Rogers, niece of Samuel, in Paris, 1825
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1821-1827
Single Item

Letters from J.W. Joyce to his parents

Letters from J.W. Joyce to his parents
Shelfmark: MS. Eng. c. 2382
Extents: 105 Leaves
Dates: 1829-1837

Papers of Beatrice Braithwaite Batty

Papers of Beatrice Braithwaite Batty, including: Account of a voyage to India, October 1860-December 1861 Diary of travels in France, 1863 'Oxford in Term Time', journals, 1890 Account of a visit to Royal Holloway College, 1890 Diary of a holiday at Oberammergau, with sketches, 1890, and autograph album including signatures of actors in the…
Extents: 21 shelfmarks
Dates: Early 19th cent.-1910

Papers of Dr. Edward Rigby

The papers comprise: holograph letters of Dr. Edward Rigby to his wife and daughters, 3 July - 31 Aug. 1789, written in France. The letters describe events in Paris at this time, and touch on the French peasantry and their agricultural practices amongst other subjects a printed poem to Edward Rigby, esq., 1805, and a poetical epistle to him as mayor of Norwich about his dissent from proposed…
Extents: 2 shelfmarks
Dates: 1789-1805

Papers of John Howard

Papers of John Howard and his family, including: Correspondence, 1782-1789 Notebooks, 1769-1789, containing notes relating to Howard's travels in Italy, France and Holland, 1769-1770, visits to prisons and hospitals in Europe, 1786-1787, and devotional pieces, 1788-1789 Papers relating to Howard's estate, 1723-1799, and papers of his executors, 1787-1900 …
Extents: 7 shelfmarks
Dates: 1718-1800

Papers of the Russell Family of Swallowfield, Berkshire

Papers of the Russell family, mainly of Sir Henry Russell, including: Letter-books of Charles Russell, first assistant Resident at Hyderabad, 1806-1811 Correspondence of Sir Henry Russell, 1st Baronet, 1803-1833 Papers of Sir Henry Russell, 2nd Baronet, 1802-1857, including correspondence with his brother Charles, 1802-1852; papers relating to India, particularly Hyderabad,…
Extents: 65 shelfmarks
Dates: 1780-1918

Papers of William Hodge Mill

Papers of William Hodge Mill, including: Journals of Mill's travels in India, France, Egypt and Nubia, 1820-1838 Miscellaneous papers written or collected by William Hodge Mill, 1753, 1815-1845
Extents: 14 shelfmarks
Dates: 1753-1845
Single Item

The Travels of Arnolt van Harffe

The Travels of Arnolt van Harffe from Cologne to Italy, Egypt, Palestine and India, and back by Madagascar, the Upper Nile, Constantinople, and France, in 1496-1499, written in 1554.
Shelfmark: MS. Bodl. 972
Extents: 167 Leaves
Dates: written in 1554