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Book order submitted to the Bodleian Library by Charles I, 30 Dec 1645

Shelfmark: MS. Clarendon 91, fol. 18
Extents: 1 item
Dates: 30 Dec 1645

Select Clarendon Papers, c. 17th century

Select Clarendon Papers: Fol. 1. a holograph message from James i to the Committees of the House of Lords, beginning 'Milordis according to my promeise', asking for £140, 000 Fol. 4. a letter from Louis xiii of France to Charles i, congratulating him on the birth of the Princess Anne (Mar. 1637), in French Fol. 7. the original of Cal. vol. i, no. 1409 …
Shelfmark: MS. Clarendon 91
Extents: 97 Leaves
Dates: c. 17th century