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Iran, Dec. 1954

'Dec. 22-1954', compiled en route to, and in, with (fols. 1-30) notes on South African Bantu education act and (fols. 37v-33v rev.) 'questions for Z' [Iranian Prime Minister].
Shelfmark: MS. William Clark 4
Extents: 37 Leaves
Dates: Dec. 1954

'Persia (2)', Jan. 1955

(fols. 7-30) are blank. Including (fols. 38v-31 rev.) notes, some for use in a broadcast.
Shelfmark: MS. William Clark 5
Extents: 38 Leaves
Dates: Jan. 1955

'Cyprus' and Athens, Jan. 1955

(fols. 31-6) are blank. with (fol. 32) a note on Colonel Nasser.
Shelfmark: MS. William Clark 6
Extents: 40 Leaves
Dates: Jan. 1955